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N – November
N – November

N – November


  • a spoken or written account of connected events, a story (description.)
  • a story of events’ experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitous… the art, technique of telling a story.
  1. Capitalised History.
  2. Narratives of identity.
  3. describes mental activity on the neutral level as the continuous emergence and decay of narrative drafts.
  4. Narratives of class, race and gender – mantra in cultural studies.
  • ABOUT problemsolving.
  • ABOUT conflict.
  • ABOUT interpersonal relations.
  • ABOUT human experience.
  • ABOUT the temporality of existence.


  • a concept or belief about something.
  • an impulse or desire, especially one of a whimsical kind.
  • a general understanding; vague or imperfect conception or idea of something.
  • opinion, view or belief.
  • an individual’s conception a impression of something known.


  • fail to care for properly.
  • a state of being uncared for.
  • a disregards of duty resulting from carelessness, indifference or unwillfulness.
  • lack of care.


  • interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.
  • creating a group of acquaintances and associates and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual benefit. “How can I help you? What can I get?


  • worthy paying attention to; interesting or significant.
  • worthy of or attracting attributes especially becuase of some special excellerce.

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