1 week down – 46 to go
1 week down – 46 to go

1 week down – 46 to go

Snap – I need to get back into the grooves of bustling like a crazy person.

It feels good to be back though. 2019. I’ve missed the team. I’ve missed the client interactions. What I do adds meaning to those interested : allowing spaces to be developed into realms of inspiration and relaxation. Perfectly curated towards the individuals’ taste.

With this moment of silence and reflection over the past week : I’d like to share something with you.

It’s about what I do between 9h-5h… : Being a Young Interior Architect, employed as an External Sales Executive for WOMAG – The World of Marble and Granite.

Should you allow me the insight, to truly understand you, and what you’d like to achieve within your project ( or your client’s project,) remarkable outcomes could be expected. No matter the project size : new built or renovation; residential, corporate or commercial; be it only a bathroom or that of a complete office block’s indoor and outdoor tiles; a retail lobby; kitchen splashback; a server top; an island; a feature wall, your swimmingpool…

Pretoria, Johannesburg, Vaal, Standerton, Rustenburg, Hartebeespoort Dam, Groblersdal, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Durban, Knysna : only to name the one’s I personally had been involved with. Oh lets not neglect the assistance across our SA borders too! 

I represent products such as natural stone tiles and slabs ( marble, granite, Onyx and travertine), while also representing 1st grade porcelain tiles mimicking the particular looks of wood, concrete, marble, or that of mixed / solid tones. Go have a look – click – we have plenty to play around with. All dependent on your budget, style, quantity and available time frame : so make sure to let me know of each. 

I’ll ask about them anyway, you know why?

I am here to be of assistance to you. Which means I am here to make sure what ever had been selected and confirmed as final order : will be exactly what you’d envisioned, doing exactly what it had been designed, specified, and installed for.

I’m here to help you make well informed decisions – not force anything upon you.

I’m here to guide you : applying pressure where need be, when time (you’ve specified) is of the essence to meet deadlines. Time is easily lost within projects – and it frustrates me of how much I could help save you. Allowing some of the stress enduced specifying sessions to be relieved  : because as a product specialist, all you need to do is ask – and a curated solution will be presented within your given deadline ( if not sooner.)

I love what I do – and everyone knows it.

I’m not afraid to admit : I go beyond the given description and I do what needs doing with Kindness and hard working ethics. Way deep into the midnight oils….learning to draw the line – work life balance – wonderful design – personal time – rest reward – a solution to suit You…

I do what needs doing, as each circumstance is different. 

Let me explain.

Yes, I had been employed as a Sales Person : please, don’t you dare accuse me of ever “just selling”. I do much more than that.

I help make ideas a reality. I do my best to help make you feel brave and comfortable with your choice : no matter how normal or extreme it may seem to others ( or even to yourself).

I inform you when something would work, and when it’s not advised. 

Maintenance, aftercare, fancy detailing, quantities, lead times, site visits, samples, technical specs, curated solutions to colour schemes, tile sizes, natural vs. porcelain… : let me know what you need.

Possibilities can seriously be endless.

I don’t just sell, I help you develop that idea into a reality : to inturn boast about it in the end to everyone. I don’t just sell to you, I become a valued acquintance – being of assistance every step of the way.

A friendly personality, always happy to bounce ideas and develop details with. No query too silly or boring. Should you then decide to proceed in making a purchase from us : allow yourself the opportunity to fill your heart with pride when you get to see the final result.

Herewith, I’m getting to the point.

I always talk the talk – here’s now proof how I can walk the walk.

Residential Bathroom : House Waterkloof ’18.

It started with an idea, a plan, then rough mockups. (Time is of the essence.) Some sample testing, to final delivery – Now, being surprised in the new year with these.

Just look at how GORGEOUS this is!

This is NOT pinterest or any other : This is the final installation of tiles supplied from WOMAG PTA -Team. My Team !

The following tiles had been specified :

  • Navona calacatta 1200 x 600mm pol porcelain tile ( marble look)  : used on the wall
  • Black Beauty 600 x 600mm matt porcelain tile : used on the floor tile
  • MVG 559 Picasso tiles 200 x 200mm porcelain tile : used as a feature wall.

I do more than just sell, and take your money. I help design space to inspire a different way of experiencing that space.

Be it as bold, or even as subtle.

I’m here to help make that space WOW – fitting to each individual circumstance.

Would you allow me the opportunity to be of assistance within your next project?

I represent a vast variety of insight and product knowledge – to save you time and effort.

It could be one of the best things that you had considered for your project. 

I’m a young Interior Architect – It’s not something you can turn on and off – it’s part of who I am, and the way I think. Always observing, learning, developing, challenging, inspiring, and aspiring towards plenty!

Just because I had found myself employed as “Sales” does not make me the actual version of a door-to-door salesman.

No. No, no no no, NO!


I look forward to getting my hands on MORE RESULTS! It’s fun to share, and slightly brag about it. I feel refueled for next week already!

What are your thoughts on this bathroom design?

I couldn’t believe how absolutely gorgeous it had turned out. Almost literally had to pick my jaw up from the ground.

All credits to Photographer : @danielgerardcarvalho Thank you for these.

Tile selection can be viewed at WOMAG showrooms in Gauteng and Capetown : @womag_sa

WOMAG assistance presented by : @interpriority : Ruejean Kotze

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  1. Brechtje Kamstra

    Ruajean, you are an inspiration! Your absolute zest for live and what you do is super! Thank you for you help with my Groblersdal customer. Our project also turned out stunning! You photos attached here, absolutely stunning. I love it when a plan comes together.
    Will keep in contact!

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