Optimistic Connections or a room filled with Disillusioned Cynicism
Optimistic Connections or a room filled with Disillusioned Cynicism

Optimistic Connections or a room filled with Disillusioned Cynicism

How personal do you like to be with your Connections?

Local Community Creators had curated the question directly related to business owners having to communicate with new prospects vs. nurturing existing clientelle.

Tools such as phone calls, texts, WhatzApp Messaging and e-mails where brought under the microscope. Tools most reliable vs. those needing to be avoided vs. the time taken to do so. A complex topic indeed.

Have you ever skipped a day of work? Not because you wanted to – but forcefully being told to – by your own body ? Being woken up 2hours before protocol by a raging migraine and nausea…

What’s one to do but call in a day…and try and ‘sleep’ it off. Rest.

I’m not one for a day off. Let’s be clear on that.

There’s always something to do; something new to try and say; someone different to assist across the finish line. Yet sometimes, it’s easy to get lost as to how much you really give vs. what’s being received in return. I’m never one for giving up, nor add layers of opacity. What you see is what you’re going to get. If not more, as time stays the game changer.

Never the less, a spontaneous full stop. Forceful method to take a break from thinking, worrying, working, communicating… Lucky for me, I could not have asked for a better Team.

There remained a feeling of unease. I should be working. But I couldn’t. Body and Mind says “NO!”

I’ve never been an individual to show weakness. I always worked hard – for which at school Academics had been achieved complimented by great achievements in hockey. Now… Never, have I worked so hard, yet have nothing to show for it.

I’m someone who develops and redevelops methods to improve productivity and rapport with least amount of wastage. Yet, here I am. Weak. Cannot even handle a little headache.

Pfft. Breath…

The honour and pride I take within each connection with an acquintance ( as value could be added everywhere) gets mottled by cynicism driven individuals – who ALWAYS expect the worst of you.

I’m just so tired guys. Exhausted in fact. Clearly this day was evident to it.

Within this moment of weakness – I’ll allow some kind words of pitty :

Why would someone constantly mean the worst for others for self-gain? (money, fame, time, luxury) I am a bit overwhelmed – the space and circumstance I unwillingly found myself in. It made me think about how ‘personal’ we allow our relationships to be with one another. How deeply can we emphasize with one another to inspire optimism for tomorrow? Instead of manipulating self-gain through each act, and falling victim to self doubt.

I’m scared, and seriously unprepared for this. I’ve been giving everything my best shot – yet Life’s not having any of it… I’m hanging by its dynamic complexity of a spiderweb thread.

I feel like a tired soul – with a troubled mind. Crippled by external modern factors : hindering the influence which now is still just a dream.

Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results, is classified as being insane. What’s continuously trying diversified strategies yet nothing seems to budge, ever called? I’m there now.

Getting back to interPRiority

Contributing to its content had been a lonely journey and perhaps a little one sided. However, should you have the time to look – I had been been sharing interest of vast important topics : I’d love to be up for discussion. (Please see here. )

The progress to achieve this had been rather slow : and I wanted to have talked more already. It takes more than one person to do so in the first place.

Today, I ask for your curiosity to speak up. It takes courage to do the ‘effort’ to connect and say Hi to a complete stranger, somewhere else “out there”. Sharing perhaps a little bit about yourself – or go cloaked under a desired nickname. Hehe. Your choice.

The thing is, I don’t want us to be strangers anymore. As a previous gamer chick – I kinda hate this lonely ‘isolated’ part of ‘grown up world’ when it revolves around serious topics. My current challenge is limited to my own criticism and hours of extended research-rabbit-holes. I perhaps long for the authenticity and meaning making through the method of connecting and story-telling… I’m truly interested in what your take had been on any of the topics thus far – and those more to come… As well as how We could help one another OWN TOMORROW!

But then, are you even there? Or am I writing to myself? Are any of these topics even relevant? Are they resonating with you? Should they even be?

Never, have I had a platform or method to reach out and talk to like minded individuals – helping a little where ever they can in both professional and personal capacity. I now, have implemented Mail Chimp. Yes, I’m a total Noob at it – for now. Newsletters…Eugh…Have I now become the spamee?!?! However, I believe it’ll make sharing what we have – much easier with us all – Together. A quick word to each one who’d like to join – Thank you. Appreciation goes a long way.

My questions to you are simple :

  • Your email (Personal reachability)
  • Birthday (Who doesn’t like a suprise wish?)
  • Name / Nickname ( What may we call you?)

You’ll be mailed with one thing (1x) . For now. An invitation to our Discord. Yes, I’m still Noob at this too : but it’s fun setting it up so far – go look! #PROGRESS Meaningful engagements at the tip of our fingers.

Being different, tends to declare unspoken loneliness. I’m allowing the vulnerability just.this.once. I have No Control, but I can try and find Harmony. Optimism isn’t fueld by enthusiasm over long periods of time. It gets hard, and causes ‘burn-outs‘. Alone.

I’d like to hear from you, or atleast know you’re there. Please be brave, do the effort, start the sharing and thrive within each interaction. Build confidence within this pool of cynicism.

Everyone needs to learn how to take breaks. Everyone needs a friend, a teacher, a challenger, an equal, a dreamer or a Mentor – within topics of interest not limited to but inspired by design and sustainable living in all dimensions of each word.

Come say Hello.


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