A Copy – Cat; A Tell-Tale; A Thief; or Master of Trades. Rather Collaborate and grow. 3/3

A Copy – Cat; A Tell-Tale; A Thief; or Master of Trades. Rather Collaborate and grow. 3/3

Have you ever been witness to wrong-doing and felt helpless when it came to trying to help?

  • Either you did not know how to,
  • Or it could have been too much effort to try,
  • Or you couldn’t have cared less for the love of entertainment…

Content creators love collaborating with one another. Sharing knowledge and experience amongst one another to inform and entice. Executed correctly, the most valuable connections are made. For Life.

There are individuals out there thriving on fake news and misuse of original content. Instead of sharing correct, highly researched data – they use snippits and adjust content misleadingly to represent their own brand to achieve their own cause. Reaping the earnings and recognition which never had been theirs to begin with.

Before continuing, kindly view the two videos above. They’ve done a brilliant job at informing the public to be aware of what’s out there.
Whilst viewing the videos, notice how these content creators are like you and me – you and your friend – having interesting conversations on not so everyday yet important and relevant topics.

I ring true to authenticity of information – and have made my resource mapping available as resource to your own observational eye, here. It will never hurt to share knowledge and inform and advise and enrich one another. As long as we do it correctly.

“We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing. Others judge us by what we have done” | Henry Longfellow

interPRiority’s content is there. Use it. Stay informed.
Should you be a Copy-Cat, a Tell-Tale or a thief – Be warned.
Smart collaborating individuals will be on the look-out for you, with a strong supportive network.

Real Life Responsibilities with Monday already screaming for attention, and it’s yet to be Sunday…
Every individual presents a need and a desire and a has to : they’d love fulfilled and dealt with.
Living and trying to keep up with everything, and do more isn’t a past time for the faint hearted. It takes courage to share your opinion. It takes curiousity to discover new things. And it takes time with experience, to build ever lasting connections – to better influence tomorrow.

Let us work on the habit to make time – to consider hard questions, be creative and together generate beautiful innovations.
Collaborate with one another. Challenge the concepts actively being discussed to develop your own argument on things.

Bright Ideas have meaning when it influences individuals like You and Me, no matter who we are : to feel good about tomorrow. No matter which particular subjective connection it may relate to.

Having to keep up with the different Social Media outreach points – while having to keep content relevant, and accurate. Having to script, trial and edit – while attending 9 – 5h duties full steam blazing.

Have another few minutes, for a quick backstory on interPRiority?
Won’t be long.

prodigy of interiority

A sense of interiority is achieved through the reassuring known in opposition to the unknown, threatening reality that seem to surround them’ |Familiarity

” We do not inhabit interiors – they also inhabit, habituate and orient us.”

” Class : Self – Identification “

Interiority is an intangible concept, seemingly inaccessible and abstract, yet its essence makes our experience of a place something familiar and meaningful. It is the binary of the intangible image we carry in our minds and the experience of a physical place of an interior. In Interior Design, interiority is something referred to as giving a space personality or its own identity.”

As the social responsibility of Interior Architecture – people matter more than forms.”

“What is inside is not visible or possible not yet visible. It requires discovering. “

Upon further investigation a further proud discovery had been made with the words-play

“My identity is defined by the commitments and identifications which provide the frame or horizon within which I can try to determine from case to case what is good, or valuable, or what ought to be done, or what I endorse or oppose. In other words, the horizon within which I am capable of taking a stand…”

Interiority also involves the inwardness of the Self. The “How well do you know you? question. The curiousity to understand the manner of thinking with lived experience, and how it has changed throughout the centuries – through philosophical exploration.
Definitely worth the fairy read I believe.

My name is Ruejean, a fellow citizen, student, friend, colleague, teacher, trainee, gamer, equestrian, daughter, sister, lover, observer, critical thinker, professional, fellow salesman and a kind hopeful soul.

Please know, I am all too aware what it’s like to not have enough time available, for your current circumstances and daily routines as is. It can be quite overwhelming to keep up with it. Constantly. Not losing control. Not showing weakness. No matter the perspective… Yet, I feel this need to connect with others on important matters to influence change. Change within Our lives – every individual nomatter how rich or poor : whether in a casual or high demand work environment : or reaching retirement, or already there. I’d like to make a connection with you.

Will you consider my hand in Connecting during this journey that’s scaring us all? Sustainability is the love of all things on planet Earth. Not just sustainability as in pollution ( yet that’s one of the most important;) but the sustainable living of the self within daily living and routine and economical and social well-being across the fields.
These are only some of the complex concerns of mine, slowly to be unravelled with theory, experience, story telling, listening, and taking notes to personal implementation, growth and change.

Allow me a glance at your curiousity, I’d love to meet you. As soon as you are ready. We have a Facebook Page for quick pass of information and actings as a brief enticed informant easily accessible – and shareable. We have an Instagram Page for a bit of insight behind the scenes if you will – I am but another person after all. Portals shared here. Then for open conversation and interesting challenging conversations to pass the time : join me on discord, we might just have fund.


This concludes our last session of our Trilogy Introductory Series.(meant for Podcast #life and #time) For resources, more information and further reading or commenting, click here.)

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