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What if 110% isn’t good enough?
What if 110% isn’t good enough?

What if 110% isn’t good enough?

That moment when you realize all the efforts you’ve executed thus far does not come close to what will be required to get where you need/want to be. According to the set expectation, something needs attention and tweaking immediately.

This month of Jan, only consisted of 16 working days in which to do business and active selling. Within those days quick catch-up’s from the holiday, office travelling, client snagging and new introductions had set up my daily schedule. I changed from calling prospects on the landline to connecting with them from my mobile. These conversations had been more prosperous building rapport with each individual, and allowed me to work on my active listening and the ability to pick up on the slightest details. Still needs some work, as no approach is ever the same.

During our conversations, I had been reminded that the industry is split in two – those who barely can see the light drowned by how quiet it is, compared to others too busy to breath or take a break or even sleep… Quite astounding the dynamic within the Building Industry. Funny though, when referring to the information we shared as early as the year 2017 – this particular dynamic had been the spark which initiated the existence of interPRiority. Nothing had truly changed, people had only become accustomed to their environment. It’s become the norm so to speak – to feel crippled and do nothing different. We are made to believe we are nothing alone, we are nothing when different.

This 110% of effort achieved and executed, was possible because I ended up neglecting my household chores and duties; because I was allocating and recklessly using personal time to keep up with the demand of work that needed doing. I was rapidly losing control of everything else dearest to me, in order to keep up with the full speed running towards Targets and desired achievements withing personal and professional development.

From learning, observing, expanding and contracting while trying to keep up with the sprint – I’m truly pleased with the fact Januwarry is part of the past. I have renewed enthusiasm, for February brings new opportunity and exploration for change. Discoveries and notations made in Jan are definitely valuable enough to implement with a stronger refined self-discipline, applied and practiced going within each week to come in Feb.

More, more MORE! Where are we going to find the time and energy to do ’em all?! Then also find balance for rest and creativity?!

White Noise is ever present no matter what we do. Every single day. 24/h a week. 365 days a year. Our determination will influence how quick of a success we’d achieve within our activities. And its quality. Yet, what no one expresses – is how tough it is to not fall victim to ones own thoughts. It’s one thing to have a goal, split up into micro To-do’s within particular time slots; and a different other when constant whirlwinds of different priorities distract your attention across the playing field with and definitely without your control. It’s one thing to be your biggest motivator with so many plans; it’s another when you start becoming your worst critic when you cannot keep up with your own expectation. Because why? Life.Happens.

Don’t end up with negative talk – that you failed to keep up the good work to achieve excellent goals within a set amount of time. Don’t end up at home with your mind consumed with what happened at the office. Do not corrupt your expectations for future experiences with the repetitive assumption from the past. You are not who you were yesterday, let alone 5x years ago.

Tracking allowed for more structure within my days turning into weeks of progress. To have something to fall back on as some sort of safety net, is Priceless. The more help we can get the better, and easier – wouldn’t you agree? My system isn’t perfect but it’s keeping up, at least. I’ve allowed for it to be flexible until I fully understand how to utilize it effectively. ( Instead of sparking a slight sense of overwhelm every morning.)

Each new day is a Fresh Beginning ( Nova initiis) , You decide whether you’ll get to work, no matter ‘the Thing’ anyway. Whether you are in the mood to do so or not, You keep the smile stead fast knowingly. There’s much bigger fish to fry than this… Sitting around wishing for better days won’t get us anywhere.

Generally though, the progress report for January is Well Done! 110%! At least we have proven we can hit the ground runnin’!
Now, to keep at it!


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