Here’s to shedding the load.

Here’s to shedding the load.

Funny how one can quickly loose sight of online momentum as soon as loadshedding hits. It forces one to reevaluate life choices while deeply appreciating others with personal connection at candle light. (Or LED Blinding lanterns. Good thing for Gas, because with Gas stove that means Coffee with whistle kettle. Yesh!)

It may be difficult for some to grasp should you not be residing in South Africa, what it means not to be or able to stay connected under particular and unplanned circumstances. Should you want to know what I mean, kindly scoot on over to this post right here and this one for more. Really something you don’t want to experience. Trust me.

So, to take Shedding the Load quite literally, we’ve decided to focus more on self-care and strengthening the connection between one another whilst exposed to a low stimuli environment for a short while. It’s been beautiful and quite insightful the topics we get to cover with creative conversation starters inspired from our Youtube rabbit holes. Don’t mistake this gratitude for the power being off as anything pleasant and desired – because it cripples performance during work hours, and limits catching up opportunities any other time. But you learn to cope and ‘deal with it.’ For now, there’s beauty within the inconvenience.

Since moving a lil bit from town into a more tranquil environment, you really grow to appreciate nature and her lil critters. Especially the shift change during sunset and sunrise, were the dominant species comes out to play while the other goes in hiding to rest. And with the automated silence every now and then, all you hear are Bees! buzzling about the flowers on shrouds and trees’ or crickets joining in song for an evening melody.

When allowing a moment of pause, you start to develop a deeper sense of appreciation for what is around you and the energy it takes to do things. From the actual electrical energy for the household consumption to the mental and emotional energy used and expressed during interactions between different others’. A valuable resource indeed.

By allowing more energy within our own bubble, we noticed a new found loneliness because we weren’t the ones initiating our energy for sparked conversation and events as per usual with other individuals. And as life would have it, the significant others’ don’t necessarily consider the will enough to set pursuit and initiate the heartfelt Hi or distance traveled for the guaranteed experience of wonder. Fading connections as time silently ticks by…

Here’s A letter of encouragement to You. Most often times it’s only you You have to worry about and take care of. Sometimes it’s someone else’s opportunity to outshine and save the world for a bit. It’s not your responsibility to make sure they are happy in it either.

Thread lightly, because the world won’t necessarily love you the way you do it. Nor as fiercely. So be careful not to ever put your expectation bar too high. Nor spend too much of your energy on anyone else other than yourself. Rather always be amazed with the lowest expectations…

The result of this, realizing people will only interact with what ever is a priority to them. And when you’re not the priority of the other; why let it bother You? It’s their loss.

That’s why this month is a dedication to self discovery and reinvention. To dedicating time for valueable connections and intimate conversing; while developing a stronger self and a deeper appreciation for the unique entity we are at this particular point in time.

Tip : Be careful of the load you are silently carrying with you.


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