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I started this month with fiery determination to improve my inbound track record for amount of introductory communication engagements towards new business within my pipeline for the coming months. Feeling more at ease with each call, as Meet-and-Greet opportunities lined-up one after the other. My prospect list had been set, my bullet journal prepped, I had my scripts familiarized and was really on a roll after the first week…

One of the main drivers for this excelled performance spurt was that I had no PTA showroom ( temporarily closed for relocation,) and my active selling had not reaped the $$$-successes I had hoped for to make target. Leading over delays from 2019, caused a rippled affect. Other firms already struggled to find business, whilst others couldn’t find a moment to breathe. We talked about this in an earlier post. > here and here . <

Remember, for a sales person to revise and change tactics within weekly increments in hopes to achieve success before month end – is a nerve wrecking act. And yes, all too satisfying when achieved, it’s a whole different saga when all your hard work goes up in flames. Due to something outside of your control. For clients to travel to JHB and that added inconvenience could be part of the reason for my current stalling in Sales Figures. Even though my track record showed I tried to reach the right people as best I could… I had to think quickly and adjust my plans accordingly to keep up with a changing tide towards uncertainty; yet hopeful towards success.

At the beginning of March, I stepped in a supportive hand at our yard for 5x days (which includes a few check-ups and groom discussions.) What a commitment – keeping up 9h to 5h, whilst doing this and still hoping to think out of the box whilst keeping up with optimism for traveled meetings across town. I’ve seen some of the most surreal sunrise and sunsets within my moments of Pause. Idol had been an absolute super star – Oh so curious in the mornings towards MY unusual behaviour. I really did enjoy our talks and time together. ( BONUS : we had a good wash! His tail and bum loved it ) And appreciate a slight glimpse within the window and commitment required for Equine-care. Hats off to RSH. Really astonishing yard.

I had my car serviced, Adolf hadn’t been so clean in a while. We had done good since recuperating from Dec | Jan | Feb time frames and budget requirements and related strains. Our cupboards are fuller, new recipes learnt, New habits with gas and washing had been routine – all the while not knowing where the on/off button was from work…

You see, I have been needing to work from home for a lil while now. My nearest showroom is 70km away… ( 140km p. day means I loose 1h30 or more p. day on commuting, depends on traffic.) My new Home since Nov ‘ 19 >read< had allowed us not to rely on The Grid so much for food, water and warm beverages. Being away from town, allowed for a sense of peace and tranquility over the ever constant Buzzing of the city. Yes, it has its downfalls here and there. However, I feel oddly more prepared for our current circumstances than most.

Working from home, already required careful traveling plans NOT to waste time nor valuable Petrol resources. Communication had been sharpened via WhatzApp, Phonecalls, Text Messaging, Emails and Skype. Quick thinking, negotiating and collaboration became my ways of getting things done. Remotely. Effectively and efficiently. Again, of course it had its downfalls – the distance – but practice makes perfect.

Funny, I have a pigeon hole wooden cabinet display – which had accumulated 100x100mm colour samples of the tiles I represent as a Sales Executive for WOMAG over the past 3x years for quick access – could come in handy. You call, I answer almost immediately without having to travel 70km first to get my hands on anything.

Yet, it remains an inconvenience. Trust me, I know.
Yet, I’ve learnt to deal with the hand you’re dealt, and make the best out of it.
The problem solver, quick thinker, the can-doer ; I’m that gal.
At what cost?

Even with all that said, the optimism, the Yes-man!-attitude; I froze for 36 hours, unable to approach anything in relation to business, because what’s there to do now?!

On Sunday. March 15th, 2020 – South African President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a National State of Disaster, referring to COVID-19 which had reached our shores. For more >click<

From that moment, everything changed for me and my direct relations with clients. I received declined meeting notifications one after the other since. No one wants to see one another. With most businesses reverting to work remotely from home, postponing meetings until June / July 2020…

It’s remarkable how the way WE do business can change in a matter of seconds ( and we aren’t even touching what’s happening with the JSE and Stock Market. Things are going mad out there!) The question remains, how open are others to change – to consider doing business differently with the use of the interwebs and webcams?

How do you sell something, when no one wants to see you nor your product – yet your product needs to be seen for final decision making?

Post to follow soon, and will be linked the moment its posted

Just as I thought I had the hang of things something like COVID-19 comes along and throws everything on the rocks. No rest for the wicked it seems… I hope You are safe though, and taking good care of yourself and your family. 🎶 

Here’s to us thinking differently and making the most out of this unfortunate circumstance.


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