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My Response to you as Your Sales Executive | WOMAG
My Response to you as Your Sales Executive | WOMAG

My Response to you as Your Sales Executive | WOMAG

Who would’ve known there would be benefits during these times with access to mobile phones, interwebs and inter connected apps a like.

We at WOMAG have tools like our website, Social media, and our fellow Sales Teams – assisting you at your convenience with regards to a tile selection, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

We’ve had these services at the tips of your fingers this whole time.

Kindly consider a few minutes of inspiration now –  for when this shall pass, we can hit the ground full steam running again.

I too have set up a Home office station to service my clients. It’s different, but do-able..

  • Our website >>click<<
  • Social media >> click and click << (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Your Sales Executive’s servicing ☺my details are below

Our showrooms remain open and available for you, with extra precautions and routines already set in place.

You may notice us standing a lil bit further way, applying a Handshake-Free-zone, and religiously utilizing sanitizers and hand washing to further standardize precautionary measures.

So, should you be unable or unwilling to visit a showroom( or are a bit wary to have one of our own visit you), our team is still available to fully assist with your needs through the use of above mentioned channels. Including Skype voice and video calls; and WhatzApp communications.

That is exactly why I am reaching out to you today – to ask of both You and Me to approach business differently.

We are still here, whenever you need us.
Should samples be required, they will be sterilized before drop offs / hand overs.

And about our Meet-and-Greet which still need to happen should WOMAG still have a chance to assist. Kindly consider a 20-30min Skype call of introduction.

We wish you and your families the best during these trying and testing times, and we’d like to encourage you to remember that even the most basic of measures – like washing hands regularly – can help our country to flatten the curve.

Know I remain available for assistance.

Kindest regards,

Ruejean Kotze

External Sales Consultant

BSc Interior Architecture

Office Ext : (2703)

Skype : Ruejean Kotze


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