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What an odd feeling, wouldn’t you agree?
What an odd feeling, wouldn’t you agree?

What an odd feeling, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s time to blog on March ’20.
But I find myself at a loss of expression towards the different worldly state we are in, compared to three weeks ago.
Within South Africa, and across the Globe a like.

I have to admit, it’s scary – yet daringly beautiful to observe and be a part of something this big. How a global pandemic [ COVID-19] had brought people closer together with their innovative thinking caps on for moving forward. That’s a bold statement, I know… Hear me out.

We are all in this, affected by this. Influenced to do things differently, and (hopefully) adapt accordingly to sustain and survive this pandemic. BOTH PERSONAL LIVES, SAFETY and HYGIENE; as well as PROFESSIONAL NETWORK and ENVIRONMENT. Forced, to do business differently. Forced, to think about money differently. Is Cash King? Or will Kindness and Urgent need win towards the flattening of this curve?

Truly a sense of beauty within this ferocious uncontrolled state of being we had found ourselves trapped in, at this moment. Such an odd feeling, wouldn’t you say?

Is this however, our own undoing?
Is this the radical shift everyone had been expecting yet didn’t know what quite to expect?

I’m astonished, by how this pandemic had blasted open so many canned beans – I find it difficult to hide my optimism with regards to this serious outbreak. I’ve noticed and seen the beauty of humanity towards one another in a time of need. The compassion, the Kindness – the selfless ness.

We are finding ourselves in a world where the economics are plummeting, supplies may seem to run out, and all eyes and worry are on the next pay check to pay the cost of living going soon into the month of April.

Things are tough. With times being a bit more challenging, it lends itself to wonderful opportunity depending on your perspective.

This month’s blogging journey had been slightly adapted. To start of with innocence before things started crumbling inside the Outside world. I’d like to hear your thoughts as we go.


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