As the world shook to stillness.
As the world shook to stillness.

As the world shook to stillness.

Earlier in March I briefly touched the topic of control with regards to our reactions within particular circumstances – using the things that happened in February 2020 as part of the ‘study’. >click to read that<

Now in April, reflecting back to March – oh how silly and childlike those concerns seem to be considering what’s happening around the world right now ( COVID-19.) The sense of control – Ha!- I can only wish to get that back in terms of my sales profession and developing project pipeline…

It had been a tough few first days, and two weeks for me. To actually grasp that there isn’t much that can be done NOW with regards to selling; but to change the tactic and work a bit rather on making others more AWARE of us and our products and services; for when we are allowed to open our doors again we can hit the ground running with momentum at our sails to deliver 1st grade standards to our clients as soon as possible.

On 8th April, I found myself reading an article “A trauma psychologist weighs in on the risks of ‘motivational’ pressure during quarantine” ; and to my sincerest surprise – Pretoria Institute of Architecture shared it on FB to its audience a week later; and on a Zoom meeting with SA’s Best Speakers Stef Lombard made a direct reference to it on Monday 13th April, 2020.

During the first few weeks I had found myself experiencing an awkward stillness. A blankness I was’t able to shake off. I was effective at being a useless character at home – drifting through chores, not really having a goal or purpose of day in mind. Being awake because the sun is up. You should only sleep so much, without being productive somehow.

Productivity… to achieve something within a certain set of time. But what to do when nothing feels like being done. As if what’s the point? Split between shattered possibilities now lost to uncertainty, how are we to keep going for weeks…

The business model is changing right before our eyes. More teams are reverting to online Zoom-like platforms, sharing with their own social media audiences that they.are.still.there. More design firms adjusting their services to specifically include online consultancy and services (with varying level of detail degrees which will influence package costs…)

Exciting times for change.

Pretty tiles aren’t much of an essential service, nor is it to make your space pretty – when a pandemic has hit the world at a global scale and speed. What more can each individual do at home to keep themselves sane under these unprecedented circumstances ( without eating yourself out the house, and depleting your capped data before month end.)

I have to admit, it had been a heartfelt moment noticing that those people I look up to all over the world – are doing what they can to keep each other safe, supported, and connected. Making these lockdowns a lil more bearable, thought provoking and entertaining. Here are 3x of them :

@julietburnett – instagram – dancer > click <
@blueoctoberband – instagram – musician >click<
@straightnesstraining – Facebook – Master Equestrian Marijke de Jong >click<

There’s no control, only awkward stillness. The feeling of safety within our own home, compared to the uncertainty ‘out there’. The uncertainty of next month… I suck being at not being sure…

A mind is a powerful thing – let’s be careful how we use it, OK?


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