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Want to stop swimming against the Flow?
Want to stop swimming against the Flow?

Want to stop swimming against the Flow?

You often hear that the self discovery journey is usually lonely and a time consuming long trip endured with the Self. Yet it remains one of the most rewarding activities many vouch to for many different successes and stories of happiness and gratitude.

Along my journey, I felt privileged to come across a group of like minded individuals ( all on a similar path end 2019), guided by Tanya Spirit from Black Aqua Gypsy Shop, to living life in more abundance.

My reason for joining this group is the fact that I’m a hustler and became good at it because I had to. However, in most recent 3 years I’ve been searching for my true self and had been quite surprised when I found Tanya and the like minded individuals. To reestablish my own connection and not feel so alone on a similar self discovery journey as all of them.

I had hoped to gain the experience of balanced control within my mind, relationships, a well as control between my actions and my reactions towards circumstances. Then the paradox, to let go of control and to enjoy the Flow of each moment and experience. Limiting the disappointment of selfmade expectations.

My contribution had included my blunt honesty and commitment of time when able. Even as I’m usually the hyper one in person ( being high on life) i’m quite reserved elsewhere on text, and the frequency of that activity. I made a point to keep an open mind during teachings, making detailed shifts when and as called for for progress, and promised to enjoy the connections of relevance as they were made ( “AHA!” moments)

I’ve since returned to walking my path alone, however, would love to shine the light on this audio blog : letting it be easy >click< It’s part of Tanya Spirit’s audio blog series. It takes courage to work on your mind, and bravery to see things as easy and not live as if in auto pilot able to barely manage the stress. Life is about writing different chapters of learning, and excelling and mastering the tools for the best unraveling of Your story.

Go listen to it, take it in with moderation. I’d love to share notes.

Beware, once you know something you cannot unlearn it. Once you know, it’s your responsibility to act on it accordingly.


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