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Life’s Tango
Life’s Tango

Life’s Tango

Finding ones way is highly overrated! We are all just lost sheep within an automated rhythmic dance between Life and Death.

If we had to ask plentiful people from kiddies to the golden oldie, man and woman – each of their answers will be different towards “What is Life?” and ‘what it means to passionately Love something.”

I’d like to ask people and talk about their childhood, and about the journey that brought them to where they are today. I want to know whether their sorrows where worth it and what they would do over again.

It takes everyday to remind myself that Life’s about the journey and not about the ending. It’s about what we DO, and SAY, and THINK, that gives the colour and adventure we get to remember at an old age.

We need to remember this time though, to commemorate the days / months / year that we’ve lost our dearest companions and old way of living and doing business; due to COVID-19. Which in its truest essence, did not have to happen should all human beings have lived in harmony with nature, and not so forcefully against it.

It’s definitely about what we make of this now, that will determine the general trajectory of the Life we’ll have going forward. Some countries aren’t doing so well and are a bit overwhelmed by the amount of cases; while here in South Africa it feels like the calm before the storm as our own cases steadily rise.

It’s scary, not knowing what you don’t know, and hoping to believe that which you have read, been told and shared is indeed the truth.

There are plenty uncertainty clouds shrouding conversations. Good thing we are able to connect through the interwebs to break the barrier of loneliness and depressing social isolation.

Funny, when the world is ending, it’s those with grit (be it developed, self taught, or developed as a necessity) are the ones keeping the economy and health system afloat as best they can. And keeping friends and family members sane and taken care of.

Have you been showing up? Where are your thoughts taking you ? Are you perhaps scared or excited? Start sharing your side of the story, it’s an important one.


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