Delayed surrealism

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The way we do things are being altered by what we can afford – more so prioritizing food and shelter above other. Today more so now, than ever before – the size of your heart is being put to the test.

It had not been an easy few weeks going into lockdown. Hoping to prepare our backpocket for the unforseen and more so, missing loved ones and friends. Now, being left to barter with your neighbour on particulars with our own regards to Value. To carefully planning shopping adventures to the grocer. To not fall victim to our cats’ murder plans ( I think Batman’s tired of seeing us all day every day.) Data unable to keep up and then there’s this rain! I really have mixed emotions about this month.

What had been real about the moment is having to keep paying bills with a Pay-cut.; even though payment holidays had been discussed and negotiations agreed upon between myself and others’ as far and possible. Hoping to come afloat at the end of the following month or two, and not be on the street (or be stuck without food etc.) Still sucks.

We could argue, Z & I had been perhaps prepared for this the past 4x years. It had not been easy, yet it’s made the current circumstances more manageable and tolerable. However, it clenches at my heart – that should things have been “normal” still ( aka. NO coronavirus) this month would’ve been Bonus. Something extra : some socks, maybe new pair of shoes and a few T’s for Z. I was also looking forward to a decorative pot container or two for our plants…

Almost feel worse off – 2 x steps forward, 5x steps back…

There are good people out there. From our volunteering at the stables twice a week, to supporting our local farmer by buying freshly baked bread and freshly harvested spinach… You get to appreciate the connections you do have when isolation is on everybody’s lips. It’s beautiful what we do and how we do it to take our minds of the reality that surrounds us. Be it as physical hard work, or connecting through virtual platforms.

You should really go have a look at our instagram (@interpriority) to see what we’ve been up to! Some things need doing still daily! April 2020 Share something from your doings! Maybe a follow? 🙂

What needed adjusting and creative thinking on your behalf – to help survive the extend of the Lockdown (sofar)?

How have you been holding up? Doing OK?

Any exciting discoveries? Perhaps your couch being more comfortable than you’ve ever given it credit for?

How’s your PJs taking care of you?


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