Stranger thing’s actually Living
Stranger thing’s actually Living

Stranger thing’s actually Living

The strangest thing – the month’s passed and I’m again still catching up with content on my social media. Not complaining at all – pure observation. It’s proof that I chose to live life first, then find the moments to exploit socially later.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve caught myself redhanded actively making choices with direct relations towards my content I’d like to post later on Social Media (Facebook, and instagram). But again, the process made me experiment with my phone’s camera settings, angles, perspectives, and moments of pause. Oh my – you guys are going to be in for a treat ! Upcoming photos are gorgeous! No editing on my part – pure Samsung Galaxy S9 camera setting Pro or Food. I loveeeeee how the colour is enhanced and the slight defocused aspects for little details. Simplest play on my part.

(I’m curious, what’s your favaourite photo perfect editing / setting?)

On a different note, we’ve been experimenting with our food – doing that lil bit extra with each meal. From our condensedmilk oats, pap and cinnamon, curry-mince and rice. To our marinated meat with electric braai, baked potato and sweet potatoe mix, complimented by the daily coffee in a flask for quantity- efficiency. We’ve become experts within our own kitchen. I like it!
Fun part – we’ve been using my beautiful pots my mum gave me for 25th Birthday! Them in their box had gathered dust while being left in a cupboard at two separate homes for three years. This new #plothouse truly brought everything together for making a Life happen.

I knew from early on that I chose my Man well (Z.) I haven’t been an avid cook ever since I was young; but could eat anyone out of their house when given the chance. I am spoiled with what we are able to eat – pasta dishes being my favourite, and in winter Soup.

During lockdown we did not travel at all, (except twice to the shops for groceries.) Since beginning Feb, we started a habit in making these oats energy bites on Sundays – ‘enough’ for the rest of the week. Usually survives till Wednesday… We’ve been enjoying lekker pap each morning, be it slap pap, stywe pap or krummel pap – we got the water ratio covered. Popcorn for that quick snack (lightly salted / aromat) and Jelly!

The small things, I agree. You tend to observe things, and take note at the weirdest angles. It’s within these moments where we find our growth, and experiences to cherish as we grow older.

So together with my allergic reaction, it had not been as bad as before. Limited to a spot or two on my elbows with our latest Oats cookie recipe.
We’ve limited my Vanilla intake and artificial sugar, and have developed a new theory : when eating something yummy on an empty stomach, that’s asking for a reaction… Annoying, but ‘manageable.’ A close friend of ours mentioned a Homeopath helped her manage her diet to curate a healthier bodily system, less reactive to her environment. I’m truly considering the natural aspect of particular remedies. Have you got any insight to share?

I’m becoming a fad for the home-made things – self sufficient me style. Keeping in mind to appreciate my sweet tooth cravings. What needs keeping an eye out, is the frequency of when we’d like to eat something, compared to a quick nibble, compared to looking for something to pass the time. Luckily the sweet things are limited, and the yummy proper food plenty!

How about you? Also a food lover like I am?
What’s your favourite dish to make? And should you not mind me asking, why is on top of your list?

Have you ever had a strange reaction to a dish you really enjoyed?

Would love to hear your story in the comments below!


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