Sunlight’s always there.
Sunlight’s always there.

Sunlight’s always there.

Sometimes it’s about letting nature do its thing. Almost sounds like the advice I’d shared earlier in 2019. >here< We haven’t done much (if anything at all) in the garden since lockdown started. Neither as productive as we had hoped to be. That extra 2 hours a day, quickly turned into almost everyday routine because what’s there to do… It’s rather been a sake of sleeping, eating, depleting our capped data with our existence, and adapting our sleeping patterns to accommodate any and all of these constraints.

It amazes me as I notice how our lives are run by engraved old-habits, expressed through (unhealthy) releases. And acting as a lovely distractor is a quick step through the garden – taking in the fresh air and available personal space. Even if it’s just to stare into the distance and appreciating the different sounds in that moment.

We had hoped to make space for a veggy garden by now, or something ‘edible gardens’ with fresh produce at your backstoep. I also like the idea of exploiting herbs and teas. Spicing up our foods with extra flavoury taste while maintaining a catalogue of remedial teas.

We have been watering our existing garden, and it’s been receiving a lot of rain. Cannot wait to share the progress on instagram @interpriority!

Have you started growing anything? Be it the tomatoes that had gone off, or the lettuce and sweet potato. Would love to know!


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