Not all who wonder are lost

Not all who wonder are lost

Fresh air can do wonders to a drained mental state, as well as pushing the body to some physical tension just to be reminded what it’s capable of. I can only imagine and share compassion towards the souls who did not have the ability to leave their homes, let alone visit a garden.

I may be spoiled to a particular degree, or making the absolute best with the hand we are dealt – depending on your perspective.
(Which is kinda funny… Just the other day most felt sorry for us. Hmf.)

Like most, I’ve done my absolute best to stay vibrant and optimistic as each morning rises with the sun. We’ve been trying different things, to keep our minds and bodies busy. The experience had been quite unique – slight excuse for distractions to keep our minds off from the fact that there’s no cigarette to smoke at home. And harsh reactions rather directed to peddling that bicycle into infinity, rather than raising our voices at one another within the confinements of our home.,. Winter is here, the bed is cold sleeping alone.

From volunteering within a closed group of individuals within time slots at the stables, to cycling to our local farm shop for fresh produce – this lockdown really assisted us with the right push into the Zero Waste Lifestyle together with buying from a local farmer! Another great point is cycling our way between each point, appreciating the scenery as we go! We did have our face covers on #covid19masks safety. And noticed we need better ways of transporting produce than backpacks (hehe.)

Perhaps a reminder from this week : Be careful not to sit on the one spot cooped up for too long. Change the layout a bit, You need to move around even if it means only to stand by the front door. Get some sun. The change of scenery and perspective can be as good as a spa treatment – just allow your mind to wonder the same way as you comfort in different ways. Listen. Have there been any new birds in your neighbourhood? Had the birds turn louder or more?

Again with the coincidences though. End 2019, October 1st we get notified we’ve got one month to find a new place to stay. Within a week we find and confirm this place, we call home now. We’ve become more involved with the community and fell in-love with all the characters we are privileged to be acquainted to. Life really has a way of being a roller coaster ride.

Have you met anyone interesting most recently, teaching you to think differently about the world?
Share your thoughts below.


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