Feeling care-free again

Feeling care-free again

Online gaming – my old friend we meet again…

As some may know me from my gamer tag [ sTaRrYsKiTtLeS ] it’s been quite some time since personally being involved. I did a hard quit-detached a few years back due to rage issues, and real life time constraints from 9h – 5h, and studies. I used to love League of Legends ( we are from talking pre-seasons, 1h30 ques after school, teamspeak get-togethers, garage-lan type till after 2010’s , Smite (only at times), Paladins (enjoyed a lil bit more than smite,) Osu!, Trove, and that’s only to cover online Mains. I used to play some others, and a few crazy golden oldies single player offline.

I now, find myself observing Z play Space Engineers, Rust, and look at Flipsie’s Atlas videos – while I preoccupy myself with a podcast, bit of work, or writing a blog post. Again, he has an extensive list of what he enjoys to play. PC based for the moment. (Should you like to connect – let us know, I’ll share his extension! )

We’d love to experiment across platforms when we can. For now, having no TV saves on space and expenses. We enjoy streaming things more anyway (observation). We’d love to be the content creating side of it as well, ($$) but there had been constraints to consider unfortunately.

So, I find myself playing League again, but Mobile TFT. The only computer I have is my work’s laptop – I won’t play games on it. 🙂
My old Rusty only survived until end Uni 2015 year exams, and then gave up shortly after. Z’s potato has been able to keep up throughout the years – but also barely. (Never underestimate the golden oldies.) And the smart rigging of gaming resolutions.

From Bronze to Silver, I’ve been enjoying being able to play a game together with Z again. A lil bit weird – almost feels like double team cheating = but what the heck, we are having fun!

AND, it’s a wonderful way not to think about things. Any things. Be it work, be it the lockdown, be it the chores waiting for you in the morning – or in the next hour. It’s been a fun past time, apart from thinking about the blog, or doing the writing and creativeness; or about the food that needs making.

I forgot how fast time flies with e-games. Are you playing anything?

If League’s TFT – let’s connect!
Share the other games you enjoy down below in the comments!
Or join the convo on Instagram. @interpriority


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