April took the wind right from my sails

April took the wind right from my sails

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At first I thought I handled it perfectly, but upon reflection – I actually did nothing work related. This whole covid-19 thing really just dropped the sense of overwhelm and worthless drifting about into my every day routine.

Yes, we were privileged enough not to have been feeling so stuck like most people have during this lockdown in April, in South Africa. 5 weeks in total. We’ve attuned our craft to bartering and thus had been able to survive with a cigarette every so often as the days, and now weeks, went by.

I’m so grateful for this blog outlet of mine wordpress, facebook, instagram – everything combined, allows the perfect medium of release for the chaotic orchestra of thought within my mind, and spiritual and emotional story I need to express to feel alive.

Everyone has a secret, a side that they do not want most to see. What happens when you’ve noticed you purposefully hiding stuff from yourself?

The point of sharing all this, is firstly for me. Then I hope, for You.
It’s weird, it’s sometimes a bit much. The rabbit hole can be overbearing at times,YET, I’ve utilized these platforms in a form of story-telling, inspiration, motivation and fun – to express. As well as for professional awareness, creative challenging and networking; and an artist release.

I hope to inspire others to some level of influence through my work.

So, no real professional ground covered from my side during April. Not as far as I had hoped to achieve, shackled by our pandemic-reality. I found myself cycling more with Z, volunteering at Rosemary Hill Stables, whilst supporting the local farm shop for veggies, baked bread and bought a coke (in a GLASS BOTTLE!) and saw a few familiar faces at a distance. #nostalgia #socialdistancing

Be reminded, we live out of town now. It feels surreal, and as if on holiday – going through these weeks. It ticked by super fast. With it, our capped daily-data. Our routine accommodate 2x sleeping shifts, allowing us to wake up at midnight, or somewhere around 2AM. Night cap allowed for free usage and streaming or download up until 7AM. <3 Blue October albums again, and other newly discovered favourite artists. (PSs. sneak info:** More to come on instagram with regards to favourite musicians.** be sure to follow @interpriority there!) These new hours did make it confusing in the morning Zoom sessions, and the quick nap from either 6 or 7 till just befor 9h was what had to be done! Zoom and learning it OP ( over powering) when you know to use your tools properly.

However, the chasing of one too many rabbits aint a good thing either. Which Marijke de Jong from Straightness Training warns about – and I can already still shoot myself in the foot for not finishing her Self Mastery Free Facebook video live sessions… #capped data cannot keep up with everything I’d like to be doing.

On a different note again, on our cycling routes I’ve been practicing taking pictures with my phone on different settings for more impactful images. We’ve seen abandoned army trucks and buses, caught once in a lifetime sunsets on camera, and enjoyed some online gaming.


With so much time, and so little cigarettes or alcohol – it became frustrating to do the same thing over and over again, while being forced within the worst circumstances to deal with mental, physical and financial discomfort.

I’ve written a few posts about this here, here, and here. Oh! I’ve written actually way more (*blush*), I had the time to write remember?!. Go look at the Story Telling section and have go from there.


I don’t know, and neither does the people closest to me – we don’t know what’s really going on. As we have observed, the world (as within communities) are split between views and opinions on everything. A worry for a different day…

For now, all I can hope for is to stay healthy, save, have a roof over my head, food in my tummy now until the end of the week, and working on keeping my mind and heart sane.

It’s been one hell of a process, from delving into old journals ( go see IG!) to sinking ourselves away within the tunes of new melodies, or the sing-alongs to old ones, or letting our mind wonder within nature. It all even includes making delicious food with extra care to presentation and flavour. Thus, from a personal developments perspective – April has presented me with much more than I ever hoped to have bargained for. Self care, the personal growth, the deepened understanding yet still shallow within the greater scheme of things…

So I’m split in two – as the scale of balance tipped all the way to the other side; throwing professional work tasks quite straight out the window. Even though I also volunteered for the company’s website online chat – It’s been a difficult task getting myself to do business with clients.

And even though we’ve been volunteering at the stables, it had been for a limited time slot – thus no handsy handsy with Idol or getting any work done with him.

What’s been some of the fun moments for you in April 2020?
Had some struggles yourself?
Your horse a stable or pasture horse, and why the preference? [curious]


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