Passion must’ve led us this far
Passion must’ve led us this far

Passion must’ve led us this far

Have you taken note how the Design creatives within the Building industry had to change and adapt their business models – to accommodate the new modern constraints in light of COVID-19?

Social media between Facebook and Instagram had been buzzing with insights, opinions, and encouraged innovation and compassion through online influencers, business owners and authorities within different specified fields alike. It was almost at an overwhelm, yet amazing, to see how everyone is doing their own little creative outreach – for hopeful business during lockdown, together with a sense of connection in a time of separation and self distancing.

I’ve seen the updates of added online e-design services ( home or room staging, design in a box, online consultation), to heartwarming Live sessions shared to stakeholders – keeping them in the loop with what’s going on and what’s to be expected within the entrepreneur-world going forward one step at a time.

I’ve felt enlightened and inspired watching Cheryl Durst on Design Milk‘s The Brave New World of Design >click to see< on instagram earlier in April. A beautiful outline on the influence this pandemic may have as standard practice within design from residential, all the way through to retail design. Thank you IG Donald Nxumalo for sharing it on his instagram story that particular day.

Let’s birds eye view real quick.

Remember, nation wide most of everything is at a stand still. This means most of everyone’s livelihoods and financial stability are greatly effected. It’s amazing how some had grasped the internet as a TOOL, to work on creating AWARENESS and ENCOURAGEMENT towards and for others. To NOT GIVE UP, nor be intimidated by what has happened to the world. To inspire, and share distractful hope – only to make the passing of time that lil bit better with inspired COMPASSION.

This time had allowed for creative thought and bravery – which we can take note off throughout the month of April, as the design and advertising of facial masks went totally ballistic. So did the advertising of designed freestanding transparent partitions within the office or 1-on-1 interactive niches within the interior ( boardroom table, reception desk, cashier point…) took a huge shine on Social Media. Already most evident design implementations to influence a changed business model to include the provision of a barrier between the employee and the client (and employee to employee contact ), in the name of I protect you, you protect me. (Go look at @Define Interior Design‘ proposals. Pretty neat Jani!) Not to mention the freestanding sanitizer foot operated stations being promoted by various parties, for application to clean hands before entering the building ( instead of having someone having to spray your hands for you.)

Not too long ago I confessed how this pandemic had made me rather optimistic, to see what creative solutions may come from it. I was right to be! From a daily snippit within an Architect’s home ( KA. Architect + Design ) , to going down memory lane with @wynandwilsenacharch absolute gorgeous finished projects. I love how professionals (or any other alike) had taken this time, to tell a story. Something personal and valuable to their audience. They didn’t let second guessing stop them. A person’s story ( journey) is something to be proud of. Reflecting that we are human, and representing a sense of achievement accomplished through hard consideration and time – is something worth sharing with others.

A bit closer to home though, we have been using WOMAG‘s website as a virtual showroom – assisting our clients via online chat as they enjoy the browse. ( Incredibly rewarding, to note that there’s at least still interest within the market for tiles. Not necessarily at buying stage, but at least looking. And that’s something better than dead quietness, and unanswered phonecalls.

As good a time as ever, Design as a discipline with it’s collaborative and innovative ties within everything has to step up, as a collective, I believe. We need to help guide the public as to where to next. Our designed spaces should carefully curate the lives of those who inhabit them. Now’s the time to go back to our roots and away from consumeristic greed ( $$$) and be more focused on human health, diversified culture and encouraged creativity. Enriching the individual’s Life in ways we couldn’t envision before. (Of course, keeping sustainability at the forefront of our minds and implemented action as we go.)

I may not have made specific mention to other industries like wedding venues, event marketers, photographers, hospitality and travelling agencies with related elements, and retail – who also had to be desperately brave being hit hard within their own right. By not mentioning the other disciplines and sectors, doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to their hardships, or their quick thinking to keep up with the changing times as best they can.

With all this madness and beauty – what had been Your highlight within the newest developments of Design?
Where did you find inspiration?
Who intrigued you to think differently during lockdown?

Share your thoughts down below in the comments!


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