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Closer to Home

Closer to Home

We all are familiar with the phrase your home is where your heart is. Where you feel safe. Where you have protection against natural elements. Where you can cleanse, and fill your tummy with delicious things.

It’s also the place where we used to commune with others within an intimate setting. Offering them food during dinners, acting as a guest house for long-distance relatives staying a while. And a place, we had previously hoped to generally spend more time in, should we not have been commuting to work back and forth everyday.

Home is being among company you enjoy and feel comfortable as Yourself with. It’s personal contact, hugs and kisses, deep conversations and tummy-laughter.
The Productive Role of Housing
thoughts by: Antonio Sciannamblo
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Yet, during these turbulent times we find the concept of home being challenged. Our spaces once used for gatherings, are now for self seclusion and daily expression of the self. Our walls once acting as shelter, now bars us in from the world outside. Our environment of peace morphed into the ticking machine we so dreaded to take home with us.

Our home became our most safest entity. As long as we were protected from the elements, have food in the cupboards and a warm bed to sleep in – all is fine. It’s when we are required to leave this safety to venture into the world to fill up on our personal stock – that an odd sensation of F E A R kicks in.

Of course, before this whole COVID-19 thing, Z and I had this perspective that the Hunter & Gatherer- is still ever present. You never know whether you’ll see the other person again, Be it a car crash, an illness, a silly accident or internal malfunction. Almost similar to flying in an airplane : every landing is a good one. No matter how bumpy. Everyday, being a good day.

Now, to take that perspective – together with the fear of contracting the virus somewhere and bringing it home to your most cherished individuals… It’s really eating at my mind. We’ve adopted always having wet-wipes in the car and close at hand, sterilized with Detol. Getting in and out the car – wipe. Have wipe with you when browsing the aisles. Pay for the goods – wipe hands and card. Don’t touch everything like you used to – glance at a distance. Giving the products a good wipe down at home, before entering the door with them ( airlock.) Wash hands.

That’s so far the precautions we had encouraged and instilled within our routines of daily being. All hopes, to keep our family and ourselves at home, safe.

Yet, I can’t help but wonder is that enough?

There shouldn’t be any judgement expressed towards another individual with regards to how serious they prioritize their safety among other things. Best example of this, is since coronavirus, a close relative within the aviation sector had been strict with interactions with colleagues and family when moving back and forth between home and his workplace. He had been kind enough to share a quick snipit and brief explanation on what it had to take to keep his family safe so far. >Be sure to watch the video here on our instagram IG@interpriority< It’s him coming home from work, getting out of his work clothes and throwing them in a bag (to be washed immediately.) He then sprays disinfectant alcohol on the floor to sterilize his shoes… He goes on to do a few other things ( not necessarily advised from the workplace to do each and everything he did, he added a few extras to keep his 2x daughters and lovely wife safe.) It’s a whole process, a definite must watch!

Then, going towards a different spectrum – a close Sales-Rep-Friend of mine within the tile cement industry, had received a travelling permit to continue with business as per usual the moment Lockdown 4 had been declared for May 1 2020. He has been on the road meeting requirements and face to face interactions since. With us reconnecting, he too shared how he’s doing something similar to what I had explained above. He strips completely and gets dressed into a gown before entering the house. Dirty clothes immediately into the washer, and him rushing towards the shower. All of this BEFORE even touching or interacting with his family. His opinion – people aren’t taking this seriously enough.

I hear all this, while we commune with our closest family in a mall parking lot – cause we haven’t seen each other in more than 6 weeks! No touching, and generally succeeding at keeping our distances. And keeping our masks on. My heart broke, not being able to embrace my loved ones. Annoying, when we couldn’t hear one another that clearly. And Oh my – had it been great to actually see them and hear their voices. Right there. Within the same space as us. In that moment. xx

But the contingency – being able to trace back your own possible contact points (be it a person or place,) has become our passed time for Z and I. Limiting our exposure as far as we possibly can. Being slightly uncomfortable when another isn’t taking this as seriously – yet, again, who are we to judge another? We may be the ones acting all paranoid, with our sterilizing and quick showers… Compared to others who’ll only wear the mask and wash the hands, and that’s it.

Our lifestyles before all this germ-consciousness had been too lazy and laid back to fully understand and grasp the severity of our global pandemic. And by referring to this Youtube video by Mark Rober >here< which will show exactly the point. And to Consider where we find ourselves now as a Race – it’s funny how we still cannot collaborate on one truth towards human health and safety.

With home being challenged into a completely different spectrum, I hope it’s easier to now understand how the global world of business and living had been altered by this COVID-19.

The question is for how long will we feel safe within our homes?
Followed by, should it not be safe – where else is there to go or to do?

This fear is building, and being fueled by an ever-present urge to get back on the roads myself and get business going again. Being part of the Sales force, I understand deeply how flowing income determines the survivability of a company and its people. Yet being this scared myself, I can only imagine what my clients and prospects may be experiencing.
Yet, everyone is so eager to get out of the house. So eager to revert to what was normal and to kickstart the old routine again. What are we to do, on what grounds?

But, I don’t think it’s going to be that easy.
I don’t think we’ve fully grasped the extend as to how this COVID-19 has influenced the future in design, communication, family gatherings, music events, markets, religious gatherings, travelling, eating out, holidays…

Yet, am I a pessimist for thinking this, or a realist trying to see what we are dealing with – hoping to find clarity, to deal with it according to the best possible capabilities?


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