When a student found a master
When a student found a master

When a student found a master

My journey, I’d like to open with my favourite question these days :”Hey, there’s a question here. Something. Look for it, come on. Think about it…Shhhh not that way. Think. Try different?”

A sense of awareness, awakening, consideration, smarts and loads of hyped or subtle encouragements (with redirection, and reward.)
My lockdown journey had been a mental and emotional rollercoaster. From being an external sales, extroverted peoples person having meetings be cancelled one after the other at the news of Lockdown… To personal financial strains… The main culprit having to forcefully quit a 10yr+ addiction of cigarettes due to South Africa’s Tobacco Ban… Not able to see my parents and close famz.

I’ve changed my perspective on the bad habit challenge, as I was forced to quit smokin whether I liked it or not. “Deal with it. Make due.” There was literally nò benefit in getting upset about it. And my mind became tolerant to the crave. (Similar to a mosquito bite you refuse to scratch It’s tolerable. )
Changing it rather to having an exciting benefit and good daily habit added  or made time for in my day: I had been allowed access to see my horse (Idol Worship)  as essential service towards a left hind phleg leg. (I’ve not yet determined what pattern of doing forces the extreme swelling, but moving the leg helps reduce it. With skeleton staff at the yard, there is only me. ) This, The first, in 12x years with him, I’m visiting and spending quality energy, and ‘being’, and new testing and ‘doing” with him, more than I’ve ever attempted or managed before. And just so as the coldest day of the coldfront would hit us! I’m cycling distance away, so it’s been lovely. ( tricky with a mask and having to carry the bike over the gate. Since, arms and back is stronger and legs more toned.)☺ make due.

I start my quick story here, as coincidentally my responsibilities outside my control, allowed me to drop a bad ritual habit- and be more proactive with discovering my horse’s voice……My most beautiful discovery was when his eyes lit up, as he ‘clicked’ I’m actually asking his opinion. And that the floor is open for his self expression.  Similar, I’ve allowed for self discoveries….Yet, for instance,  both requires the doing and dealing with it.  Every day. Whether I’m in the mood or not. Whether I’m tired, or it’s cold, or the sun’s not up yet. Or whether it’s a personal fights, or frustration, stress, and overthinking… Whether it’s work and clients that screech for your attention, or my own personal crocodile asking ” but I also wanna cry. I’M done adulting. Why’s everyday this tough…?”

Being in the hot pan allowed me to test my perseverance and be amazed at my level of grit. (Marijke, I love the count down 5…4…3…2…1… go go ! )

….I love how ST Self Mastery had placed the tools studied from ST as a Mastery Student 2020, towards my horse, at the mirror distance towards  Me. …Idol’s headshaking had long gone, since ST. With many years together behind us, I’ve not set pursuit towards the privileged to see him every morning and afternoon. Now, we had to do this. Both Idol and I had to develop grit and motivate each other. For our warm up and then a bit of active walking around our yard. Sometimes we just be, and I message the leg and cold hose. Other days we push a lil more depending on how cold /warm it is….I share this, as it’s been amazing to ask “What could this mean?” Finding that deeper meaning. And being able to say “that can wait” vs. “This can’t” , because most times the uncomfortable work needs doing whether you are liking it or not. Compared to deciding when your own soul needs release from pressure and rest…

By being open for conversation, I’ve learned sò much more about Idol’s opinion and character, in relation to my own few characters needing light within my mind….Mind blown. Huge constant and never ending improvements, as time and perseverance allows. I love this group and community. And even though I’ve never been that active, I felt motivated. Guided xx making the knowledge my own as we go a long.
Thank you Marijke de Jong, your work in both ST Mastery, and ST Self Mastery… changed both my horse and I, and the daily lives we’ve had the past few weeks. (Of course every ST behind the scenes influencers , especially ST South Africa community xx)…Yes, this is merely the beginning but I’m uber excited about the journey as we finally found some sort of direction; in a language and format we both appreciate and hope to understand.


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