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What is ‘Normal’?
What is ‘Normal’?

What is ‘Normal’?

Oh, it’s June now. Is it?
Lockdown is over, office doors are open. Streets buzzling with people and cars. The selling and buying of things continue. You could swear lockdown never happened and that level 3 doesn’t exist.

Construction sites are open, stock is needed on site, projects need re-specifications due to budget revision, some businesses have just completely closed, while others have started anew after this trying period… Almost sound a bit same ol’same doesn’t it? Of course, there’s the obvious everyone wears a mask thing.

Equipped with tools to work from home; I struggled to give my mind a break while stuck at home- and be at peace with the fact that business couldn’t continue as per normal during the Lockdown restrictions. It had been 8x weeks of Level 5 and then Level 4. A lot of things happened personally, mentally, and on the side note professionally – with an influx of product queries as we came closer to the end of Level 4. I had been more than startled , by the sudden rush towards normality at the start of this June, entering Level 3. I had felt so out of tune and rhythm – my thoughts all mashed up porridge when it came to remembering client briefs and our product names! Let alone, failing to fall into the 110% routine of Go-Gettting and closing those Sales!

I cannot help but wonder – why was the Lockdown? Had it been purely to build up our medical system in preparation to an inevitable outbreak? Had it been to drill in new cautious behaviours into our societies? Had it been a way for the Government to test and exert their power of influence over us as law abiding citizens?

Had it been to cripple our communities and small local businesses? Was it to exploit racial beliefs still ever present within our Global network? Was the idea to be as corrupt as ever, and have innocent people do dodgy things? (eg.the alcohol and tobacco bans)

Was it to reevaluate the value of money? Or had it been the truest meaning as to who you know? What if the old, cannot accommodate the newly unprecedented responsibilities we have to deal with now to make ends meat and survive?

What if, this happened to reflect on how compassionate our race can be to one another? To notice where our foods come from, and how we truly treated our hygiene and nature before this pandemic. Maybe, it’s encouraged us to try new things, and develop newer strategies. Perhaps, it’s created a circumstance for us to connect and unite on a much deeper level (globally) than ever before?

Not going to lie, this week officially back at work had not been easy. To accommodate the efforts in keeping the momentum at hitting the road running; while having the responsibility to take care of my horse>read<; had taken daily discipline, and morning mumbling-complaints until coffee had been had, to a whole different level.

Our house is SO cold. It literally breathes. As the sun had set – not even, 16h45 – you better make sure you’ve got a blanky at arms reach. Coffee by the plenty (seldomly tea), and layered clothing for the win! You’d be amazed at our crafty one can get to live sparingly in clever ways. To keep our utility bill as low as possible, we produced our creative thinking caps and found inspiration through our visit to Clarens earlier in 2018. The bed had a blanky on top of our mattress, under the sheet; with layers of comfy blankets to snuggle in under. It’s been such a brilliant adaptation – our cats tend to snuggle in with us during the morning hours now! Talk about reasons for NOT getting out of bed when that alarm goes off.

5…4…3…2…1… Go GO!

I’m still left baffled about Lockdown. It’s suddenness. The abrupt stop. The distance. The unknown. The mental challenges and processed Self. Are we to forget that all of that happened, and just be greatful we can go back to normal? Are we expected to act fearless when there’s so many mixed signals on what to expect related to Covid-19? Who’s expected to cater for the additional costs implemented by this? After receiving less than HALF of your monthly income – wouldn’t you be lifeless too with worry?

Is this perhaps a distraction? As part of the sales force, I can feel the increased pressure being part of the first contact and drive for company generated income. I sit here with my palms up to the heavens… With 110% not having been sufficient before this whole covid-19 thing, under the economic strains then… how are we to kickstart all over, with a new desired fervor to achieve excellence while still being financially and mentally crippled by current personal, national and global circumstances?

What point am I missing here? Please, tell me.


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