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Getting back into the swing.
Getting back into the swing.

Getting back into the swing.

Missed me?

Things had been such a rush getting back into the swing of things after Level 3 of Lockdown had been cleared in South Africa beginning June 2020. It almost felt as if bombshocked – ripped back into reality to get things done the usual way. Almost falling victim into old habits and routines, while learning new tactics to improve a better success-rate going towards the new month of July.

Know I am still a buzy-body behind the scenes making relevant connections as each day goes by. Go connect with my IG: @interpriority for the variety of inspirational quotes and snippits of significant observations.

I write this to you, because I did miss writing to you. To delve deep into the thought of expression and creativity was priority time I had to utilize elsewhere. As main breadwinner – to ensure the security of a roof over our heads, and food in our bellies; I had to ensure all efforts had been expended where ever I could to achieve the level of success required as the front line in sales.

June had been a month of discovery and realisations within both professional and personal realms; with tests and trials scheduled for future improvements and implementation to ensure greater results as a consultant.

So with that out of the way, know there are more to come.
But for now, what have you been up to this June? Had winter been kind?

Warm regards,


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