Never settle
Never settle

Never settle

How good are you equipped to quickly adapt to a new strategy? When things had been done a certain way for so long it tends to lose its value and efficacy. How often do you take a moment to reconsider the way you do business?

During an evening research session I actively noted how extensively I tend to go through my methods and means of discovery. I really do lose myself and end up with loads of handwritten notes scattered across the desk. With a proud grin, I finally developed another filing system able to keep up. Nothing beats hand written remarks when it comes to what it does for the mind.

This particular dedication towards learning about sales discoveries as soon as possible, had allowed me to adapt a new way of business in just a few days. The strategy is far away from full on implementation – and definitely not bullet proof. With each Sale being different, having a framework to guide you is easier than aimlessly drifting about.

Yet, I cannot take full on credit for this. Yes, it took my self-discipline to practice what I learnt as the initial circumstance. But it also lent the discovery of Sales Mastery and Self Mastery from Chuck Bauher and Marijke de Jong which steered the way and laid a solid foundation to work from.

No quick fixes here – you have to do your part with these master pieces. I advise you to go look at these two resources, and take your time with them as you see fit. The following golden-nuggets may be useful for you now :

Remember the 80/20 rule

Everything in moderation. Allow the crocodile to have the wheel now and then. Sometimes you may need to work very hard and smart, but not all the time. And note, only a small portion from all the people you reach, will be likely of value.

Stack small good habits

Every small step in the right direction matters. And as mentioned before, repetition is the mother of good and bad skill – thus make good choices most of the time.

Inform people when to expect your call

I’ve noticed it to be a common decency among higher -ups. You don’t want to bother them, nor apologise for it. This way, they can prepare on their end, be ready, and perhaps have a clue prior to – why you are calling.

Be brave and do the ground work

Always do the efforts to learn more on how you can add value to them, with each of your interactions. Never be selfish, and don’t chase. Find the horses already looking for a spring, instead of forcing the one you have to drink.

Don’t go through a tough patch alone

Connect with others as a form of release. Be it personal with family and friends, a therapist, or under an alias with close acquaintances. Do what you have to but do not torment your mind and body by going through a difficult time alone.

Develop your tenacity

Enrich yourself to become adaptable as Life changes each situation differently whether it’s fair or not.

I’d love to give more details on this, so be on the lookout for the next few posts this week and our feed our IG: #interpriority.

Get on the same page as me, it’s gonna be fun.



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