Below the Ice
Below the Ice

Below the Ice

It’s the strangest thing to assume that when something hadn’t been updated for a lil while, that it’s done for. We tend to forget what actually happens behind-the-scenes in order to execute things more proficiently.

It’s been a busy month, and we’ve been warned here near the end that it’s usually the ‘busy season’ this time of year. And of course, keeping in mind what type of year we’ve had (2 months of LOCKDOWN and no services) as part of the sales team we really need to hustle. And keep hustling. Especially when momentum picks up and demand is there. You do what you gotta do to get things done. Now.

Which we did and could, also at home. We invested in two new desks which snuggly now fits into our study. We’ve cleansed our home from all the boxes, and separated tins from plastics. We recycled most of the glass and tins, and the rest got to burn in our plot-pit; and we broomed the dust away, presenting an illusion that civilized people live here.

Our home is more dynamic, with particular spots being inactive, until guests arrive and need to be entertained ( which is almost never.) We cleared the porch, watered the plants, and transplanted the verigated yellow beauties to Z’s place of work in hopes to add never ending colour to the place. Fingers crossed they turn out great next season.

Since moving to the plot beginning November 2019, it’s as if puzzle pieces had been falling into place. But also, that new structures, routines and way of living had to be drastically attuned to our surroundings and locals. From having a difficult employment track record due to unethical previously tolerated employers, all the way to finding a place of belonging and being a golden piece within the team… From living with the luxurious of always having power and clean water, together with the small distance travelled for every day utilities and foods, all the way to having to plan grocery trips with each travel session to town once in a blue moon and working with gas and bore hole water as part of every day utility. It’s been quite a journey and you could start tracking it from these two posts :


Our cats ( Batman and Clea) both seem to be enjoying the extra space that came with the added four part shelf that came with these new desks. It meant, they had the one corner all to them lazy selves to take over as they please while we work. It’s the cutest thing. ( You should check out our IG@interpriority to see them all over the place. Too qute.)

But then back to reality, I need organizing. From using all the waste paper I could, I ended up trying my best at Digital notes. Which ended up a disaster as Loadshedding hits, and all electronic devices’ batteries and connections dies… Which brings me back to notes. I’m a fair ambassador for handwritten notes, and have excelled now to reusable laminated papers. A Cheap white board if I may. Should the notes be important, I take a picture for later. Which is a fail for ‘later.’ But does it work better than a journal? No. I have no doubt I’ll lose all these photos because I do not have a set digital filing routine. And the digital notes are great should you need to quickly search for something, but end up loooooooong notes – disconnected with tags, and all over the place in topic add-ons. One of the many stepping stones I guess. I have too much going on in my mind.

Our groceries had been tweaked to limit our plastic intake, and waste household accumulation. We aren’t buying from any other fancy eco places yet. I’d first like to understand what dietary change I need to implement, to ensure I keep healthy and still get the relevant nutrients for sustained energy and productivity with happy feelings and clearer thoughts. Also, just because someone says it’s eco, doesn’t substantiate the price they tend to attach to that particular item. Its a daily struggle, as we build a better understanding around this greenwash. I appreciate Z’s current influence at workplace, allowing for farm fresh produce and bread insight to be shared and bought to keep my taste buds and expectations under control.

I have had to adapt to working from home. This new smart watch displaying an average of 500 steps a day, to 2500 should I be out and about. Z’s count as part of yard-man is an average of 18 000!! Already taking note that I need to move more, it’s clear where my current priorities lie : communications and planning infront of the computer. Tools. To be better, and more efficient at what I(we) do.

I’ve had to quickly think on my feet when hit with no power and a meeting is about to start. Moving to and fro from the venue to hopefully grab a stabilized power and signal connection to get the job done. It’s crazy, this rush. The worry, the skuttle, the disruption.

It’s strange to even consider that above all of this – there’s our own expectations we’d like to get to. Like talking about the future, about having a family of our own one day. What we’d like to do and still achieve. Where we are mentally compared to where we really want to be. When one has momentum, there’s no time to talk and consider these things until next time, next week, next year…

I’m a strong advocate to have a good sense of self and of your principle’s GPS ( to know and understand Your true north of acting and displaying manners towards anyone and anything around you.) From having a strong foundation, one’s general direction could effortlessly already glide you towards the desired route because of your predetermined and decided-on intention. Just a theory of mine.

Again, it’s been going behind the scenes. A lot have been developing below the ice level. I’ve attended another few ST- mastermind and online sessions, breaking the ice for me to enter the ‘lab’ with Idol and get our own ST – progress going. I’ve done and dusted with funding it, it’s all on me to make the best of it all now. And I’m amped. Seeing how his leg shot right back up with the swelling as Z’s made a few visits to the yard – I’m mad at myself for not making him part of the truest priorities per week. That, will change this October. And gonna be cemented going forwards. I’m an equestrian afterall. We never give up.

Argh, but that’s not even touching base with South Africa finally at Lockdown Level 1, or that there’s a super secret situation in the horizon, and many others more!! We’ll have to wait to share those with you next time. ☺

How’s your experience with reducing your waste in take? How’d your meal planning had to adjust in the process? Any advice you’d like to share with the team?


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