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How would you like to live?
How would you like to live?

How would you like to live?

As a person with an Interior Architecture Bachelor’s Degree, I’ve developed a fierce love for abandoned buildings, and the possibilities that still remain to be revealed with creative intervention towards something new. Be it lightly touching the shell, or whether it breaks through in a brutalist manner… I remain intrigued by the possibilities.

There’s a super secret something in the horizon I’ve been spending most of my spare time on. I’m purposefully not gonna share much of it yet, to not jinx it. But to get the over all theme head over to our pinterest! (link waaaaay at the bottom of this page) | which had picked up momentum and viewers by the way. Lovit. Thank you.

So, the process have allowed for some creative discoveries which I’d like to share with you. For one, have you ever taken a moment to daydream how your optimal life and day routine could look like? I mean, remove yourself from your current constraints, and float towards the what if scenarios.

Have you ever considered whether the spaces in your current home are sufficient, or would you like better? Or are you more than OK with making due with what you have?

What if you could choose, where would you go? And would you be scared to? What would keep you back? Or, could you be creative enough to work it through to work around it. To achieve something in the abstract form.

Or do you continue as is, cause it’s safe? Do you like safe? Do you like not being challenged? Perhaps we are doing things not to cause conflict or friction within our current circumstances. The unknown too unbearable compared to safe.

If you didn’t have to be doing what you do now, what would you be doing and why? Would it be just because or would it be of value? Is it your own creative idea, or are you following an iconic model? Are there others already doing what you dream of doing? Are they doing a great job or could your idea be better? How would it be different and how would you go about growing your influence, should you have proceeded with this idea? What would it look like for you, and others around you?

What are the time frames we are looking at? Implementation in phases, or sum up in a few years, then one big whabam? What if waiting is too late? What if starting is just setting you up for failure?

How safe does your routine feel? How challenging and inspiring? What could you do to influence such elements into your routine, to brighten up the heart? What could be done to your surroundings to ensure you’re inspired to utilise that space to its utmost potential?

eg. You have a brilliant guest room and yearning for a private office. You barely have guests sleeping over, but because one needs to have a guest bedroom for one day….

eg. I need my sleep. Rushing in the morning actually wakes me up and get’s me pumped for the day. Or… do you need to enforce some change soon?

eg. Looking for something from someone else. Doing your best to find a supplier, only to be disappointed and realizing the gap in the market. What do you do…? Remain a worker, or step up the game with risks?

eg. more frequent meditation to control your breathing and remain calm in high pressured scenarios.

eg. when’s trashday and how frequently, when there’s no municipal services to assist you? How would that influence the way you consume products and throw them away?

This super secret something has allowed me to consider my relationships with others, as well as overall desired design styles as a cohesive whole towards practicality, beauty and availability towards implementation of anything useful and good. A good collaborative hand has much possibilities for success.

Of course matters such as safety, location, routine, movement, electricity usage, water usage, materials in general – representing how you live NOW and considering how you’d love to. Consider small chunks and phases, and lets start building a good observational platform of where we’d like to go in the next few years. And practice our communications skills to get us there quicker.

This may not be an easy exercise to do, as it requires honesty and a real hard good look at yourself and your desires. It’ll allow you to take note of flaws and many more other things. This exercise, will hopefully inspire you that change is possible, you just need to create it in a step format knowing where to go and what to do next.

It’s a matter of whether you’re willing to do it to get there.


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