I(we) did it!
I(we) did it!

I(we) did it!

I kept my promise, and saw my horse more frequently since October 1st, 2020.

02 October – 02 November 2020

Yip, definitely a summer bebe.
Needing loads of TLC and stretchy stretches.

#what you see is the result of a month’s dedication so far.
And seasonal change 🤣

🐴 he’s so beautiful!♡
16yo OTTB Idol Worship

We’ve been actively walking abouts the yard again, while attempting at stretches in the body by asking for the bend in the neck. Softly – half halt.

From diarizing our experience, it had been crazy to notice how his amount of stiffness lead to automatic more pause and TLC messaging time spent together. What ever he was able to present at the time, we captured. (ST Concept)

Of course, we are far from perfect. Still diamonds in the rough. However, from this newly dedicated routine of one-to-two days on and one- to – two days off, I was really able to pull this off. (Instagram to be updated with photos and videos! A must see.) It’s the heading into the right direction that’s important.

Our communications had tweaked and since became more sensitive and attuned towards one another. It had been amazing to see how Idol became ‘more proud’ with the way he carried himself, and able to keep up with the new accelerated active walking abouts.

I mean, it even started with his shoes being shod too short at the front, and him limping and kriss-crossing his front legs like a crazy horse. His balance had been WAY off, and it usually would’ve been a frustrated scenario.

Now, I mean scroll back up and look at that. We really did good the past month.

The finer details and conclusion for this month, was that we took him for Hydro estimated 24hours. They removed the heat.

This after suggestion of Holistic horse Healer, suggesting his phleg leg is actually Cellulitis.

Upon return, the trailer door got stuck, and the lock wouldn’t budge.. We had to access him and his buddy from behind, and worse – they were both tied at the front. It was a nightmare I don’t want to describe or revisualize it in too much. But, luckily in my search to find something to budge the lock, I found scissors… This came in handy when Idol started to reverse out the box, while his head was still stuck… Beyond words-scary guys. I jumped into action, the knot wouldn’t budge. He freaked… Then I remembered the scissors and cut ourselves to freedom.

My arms, ribs, tummy, back and hands hurt the next day.

I learnt about flower drops that night, being good for shock and emotional destress.

I learnt I’m pretty good at jumping into action when need to, and thinking quickly on my feet.

I now have to work with Idol, on tolerating confined spaces again. (He’s wary of the box again, and keeps reversing fromout the washbay. Sucks, when wanting to give him spa bath treatment with the bucket.)

All had been for the good. Idol’s leg is looking fantastic. We’re starting a herbal detox session of 6x weeks soon, have aspirin to assist him with the inflammation; and I’m gonna continue what I’m doing and refining the 2mm’s to enhance our quality throughout each of our exercises.

Keeping in mind the cold hosing, Arnica ointment, fly spray and more TLC grooming sessions.

2020 had been bumpy, but I’m glad I had October for this part at least.

How’s your horse doing?


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