Adaptations that seemed to work, a lil.
Adaptations that seemed to work, a lil.

Adaptations that seemed to work, a lil.

I’ve changed, reviewed and added different things to my routine – with hopes to survive each day with a better mood and mental state. November had been a month with its own personalized hardships, which helped me identify the following few things- to help make it just that lil bit easier to cope.

Schedule in your lunch / break time
I list this first, as I’m your classic worker who’ll totally neglect to step away from the desk. Hours on end. Getting the job done as best and quick as possible. Without Delay.

I’m learning to stop. Take a breath. Do a brain dump. Step away. Distract myself with a good song or quick article. Then get back to work with a fresh mind.

I believe our bodies will thank us for this, cause walking helps with overall circulation in the body. AND you’re getting fresh air, some son, and a tine bit of exercise ( depending on duration, momentum and surface.)

It also acts as a kind reminder, to either drink your water – or eat something that’ll help you with your day.

I even used this time to observe our lil garden, and de-weed it lil-by-lil.

Let them know of your plan of action
Those closest to you will be easier shocked towards your attempt of new habits, and ways of doing things. No matter how tricky, find a way to communicate with them what your thinking was, and your idea of a next few steps forward.

This will allow space for feedback ( especially should they have felt the same way,) also it helps prevent conflicts of sudden burst of silences and high concentration or grogginess. Because they know, to expect this and that at that time, because you shared your desire of commitment with them.

Be reminded, You do you. And no matter how silly the thought, should you think and believe it’ll help – fully commit to it.

You ARE what you eat.
Learn to become more attentive towards what you feed your body. Feed it sufficient energy which you may need to output the same/ or the next day.

Be careful of too many additive sugars, and dairy – as they may cause you headaches and discomfort. Which of course, delays productivity and fuels your lazy – crocodilemood driven side of reason.

Don’t eat too late, and make sure you chow something ( no matter how lil) in the morning.

Start your day with a good cup of coffee ( or tea / juice / smoothie)
With this, take a moment in the morning to be still. To enjoy that moment for what it is, and entice your senses with something fragrant and deliciously tasty. Health benefits and other precautions are bonus aspects to consider within a healthy diet.

We invested in a Mocca pot thanks to @JeffHoffmann from Youtube. Absolutely love this coffee reviewer. And kutos to him – as we’ve been enjoying delicious cups of coffee since. (Of course, moderated.)

Be aware that stress is real
It’s annoying how things you can’t necessarily see or actively manage, can ruin your day or influence you or your body in unexpected surreal ways. Seldomly, I’ve caught myself stuck within an old / outdated belief about how things ” should” or “shouldn’t be”; together with an enforced controllable expectation on how intentions needed to be perceived; combined with others’ associative nature with their own connotations…

Stress is a tricky subject, with not many self help articles deem useful at breaking the cycle. For me? I’d suggest (1) break your pattern. Give it a shock – that you’re actually having to think about the activity at hand, and how to do it. This something new, can add surprising new flavour to a moment.

When you notice you’re in your head a lot, (2) try to play around with visualization and steady, deep breathing exercises. From 2 – 10 minutes. Get grounded within the moment, and just gets to the doing – afterwards.

Entice your senses with essences (we love the sandal wood sticks), scented candles, or greenery with flowers. (3) You can alter your environment by opening the curtains more with a view to the outside light and greenery. By being revitalized by the lovely smell. (Perhaps, a lovely bubble-bath that’s scented will achieve the same.) Take a moment to relax with each breath. You don’t have to think all the time.

(4) Decluttering both at home from kitchen, bedroom cupboards to bathrooms; our office desk and shelves, to our wardrobe of aged apparel – a lil bit of cleaning and reorganising goes a long way to relief senses of stress and overwhelm.

Don’t sit in silence. Allow (5) music or binary beats help balance your mood and productivity depending on the tasks at hand. (Up beat for pumped up cleaning and active doing of things, or relaxed focused, or serene for shutting down at night. Not to mention motivating, romantic, and other songs…)

Or, (6) journal, and talk to someone about bits and pieces. To not feel alone, and get a chance to observe your own situation and thoughts from a different angle.

You need to be your own cheerleader
Upon this new journey, you have to realise it’s you doing it for You. The benefit and growth and excitement and enjoyment or even enlightenment – of You. No one else. With that said, you have to kick yourself out from the bed when duty calls. You have to keep yourself accountable for the tasks and activities that need to be accomplished.

Be reminded, that it’s not OK to be happy 100% of the times. What matters, is that we honour the bad days, give them their credit – and learn from what we experience and feel deep inside. Especially during particular episodes of emotion, feelings and thought. (This is where journalling comes in.)

Remain careful when setting time based goals and expectations, and be sure to identify what’s truly required compared to self made (or enforced) standards of associations. You don’t have to be the creator of an evil loop, that’s designed to make you feel inferior within the process towards Life’s success. Make sure you work in manageable chunks, and nothing more. Do the best you can with the resources and allocated time at hand. Then, walk away. You did what you could.

When there’s no power, make sure you at least use two candles for decent lighting.
Or a canola oil lamp. And definitely mosquito coils. Together with pencils and note pads, already hot water in the flask ( or available gas to warm up the stove kettle) for a lovely beverage to entice conversation for this time in darkness.

You have to be ruthless within your execution.
Be clear with what you stand for, and stand by it through thick and thin. Do your work towards optimal quality, and inspire or even motivate others to actively do the same within their own communities.

I stand by, If you want a job done well – do it properly ( and sometimes yourself) to get it to that standard. That way, no one can tell you what to do, cause you already know how to do it better and more efficiently.

Even if it’s perhaps not your passion, but more a must – learn to express grit through biting your tongue, and grinding forwards. This may mean you tend to be in your head a lot. Be careful of that. (Refer to above mentioned first few tips.)

Love animals and be kind and playful towards them.
You’d be amazed at how smart they actually are – should they know you’re willing to listen and understand. It’s super cool with our two cats, and then Idol (my horse) as well! Not to mention the neighbours’ dogs.

There’s a lot going on, and we can focus on even a lot more than what had been shared today. But, it’s up to us to decide what we focus on, and how much of that focus tend to influence us – depends entirely on us, and our mind power.

I hope at least one of these nuggets are useful and can inspire you forward. And perhaps, should you have a particular note which had saved you during November – please share with the class!


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