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Getting to the doing, myself
Getting to the doing, myself

Getting to the doing, myself

In the past few months I’ve really comes to grasp to my food intolerances, however my bodily adverse reactions still boggles my mind. Upon these research rabbit-holes, I’ve come across a particular natural DIY horse fly spray – that seemed to be antibiotic, soothing on the skin, and naturally – repels flies from horses.

I felt like a Mrs Dr Frankenstein – playing around with the measured concoctions to get the brew just right for next day use. It’s really helped with Idol’s skin rashes, and the Tick egg infestation on his main ( good thing I trimmed those hairs last month into a short mowhawk!)

*I’ll share recipe at a different section, and will tag it here when ready* However, it includes Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother, Neem Oil, sometime Eucalyptus oil and Rooibos Tea and bath Oil as binder for everything with distilled water.

I’m a bit upset with the bad communications between the treatment and parties involved with Idol’s leg. We now assume with more confidence, that his leg is chronic cellulitis, as Hydro and Aspirin for 10x days did wonders to the swelling in the left hind. However, the herbs – which is finished now – had not yet achieved within the horse as what had been previously explained to me – detoxifying through the hind legs. Because now, as the rainy season starts, and front shoes are being pulled- his leg had been constant swelling up and down every so off times I was able to visit Him. To investigate and communicate more with the team about his treatment. Prompting for responses. . .

It’s just tiring, you know? Having to always follow up and check up on others to ensure they know and I know all that needs to be, and then execute what ever needs doing effectively… No.

You cannot expect things from others, of which you expect from yourself. So, be careful what expectations you create, or you’ll end up being more disappointed with fires on hand to blow out most of the time.

I was told to get out of my head more.

A sense of cabin fever settled in working from home the past year. No real interaction with colleagues, Online sessions are only visual and audio and effective – yes – but, I miss the physical space, and randomized conversation starters. And yes, we believe – that in some part together with our showroom temporarily being closed, and me losing my entire team and particular supporting network to get my job done…That it’s like starting from scratch. Grrr, end of the year fair well wishes had been a lovely twist to the plot though, hearing the smiles and lovely farewell’s for next year. And the gratitude expressed for assisting and meeting one another the one past.

I did the best I could, with the resources I had. This year of 2020.

That principal GPS, or particular general ‘right direction’; had brought The Green Witch to me! I craved this book since I noticed it’s the most highly rated book for newbies about herbs and their beneficial effects to us humans. ( And in future for me – horse use.)

I concluded the feeling of getting ‘out of my head more’ by taking a few moments to focus on meditative deep breathing to get myself grounded… I may have allowed sufficient space for the universe to scoot this highly sought after book my way. Free of charge. For the time being. To learn as I go for now. It’s a super cool thought I’ll be going with. As within the same week, we rescued a 800-pager old South African Gardening Book Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening in South Africa, cover a bit damages – but the information inside is still legible and usable! *Excited!

Why you may ask?

I LOVE the idea of homestead, off-grid living with surviving from your own produce. To know how much energy your lifestyle is worth, and identifying where one can tweak to live more in harmony and sustainably within the environment. Yet of course, I’m not stupid nor na├»ve. It’s not as easy as just setting up a cabin in the woods, and planting a few seeds. It’s a complete SOP’s ( Standard Operating Procedures), also – don’t forget about modern technology and business to keep a particular living standard and community influence going on this never ending journey.

I’m different, and have not yet found a way to express Me.

Having a strong mind to see the ups ( lessons, beautiful scenes and experiences) in everyday life, one can tend to suppress the gnawing feeling of unease that something’s missing and not going as it should. Together with the strong deep-ridden negative effects feeling stuck may have on you, your household, and routine of doing things.

More on that later.

How was your November? Also perhaps a bit of a rush towards the end? Or was December the quiet one? Let us know in the comments below!


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