Confession of a (bad) habit.
Confession of a (bad) habit.

Confession of a (bad) habit.


It’s time to turn the page on 2020 and welcome the arrival of the New Year. Today, like any other, presents itself with glorious opportunities for growth together with (loads of) drama.

Some individuals may already have jotted down a few new year’s resolutions to achieve. A few of you may be sò determined that you won’t miss a thing, others may allow some grey areas for breathing, while another few would decide to rather cruise through each day.

With #life either happening to you or for you.

“Then as now forever.”🎶

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(Sunday, 3rd Jan, ’21)
A great man was laid to rest today.
A final breath on 31st December 2020.
The ‘grand finale’… 2020, knowing just how to choke the heart till your eyes bleed.
Zvi Benadi
A mentor in many ways, difficult at most, as strong characters used to challenge one another to strive towards improved outcomes in every situation.
I’m grateful to have known you.
A brilliant mind had been lost.
So sudden.
Now, a hard reality.

May you rest in peace.

It’s been an odd day to say the least today, ending up burning a midnight oil as my words needed immediate escape. Never underestimate how your world can change in a second.

As circumstances would have it, we woke up with no power this morning. Which crippled the possible attendance to Mr Benadi’s funeral virtual viewing. I was preparing myself to grief, yet it never happened. I wanted so to be there, I feel I could’ve done better to get to some place and connect the virtual session… I could’ve done so many things, even called a colleague to share a video or some visual to be there more in mind and heart and soul…

Perhaps, as a necessary distraction – Z and I tackled a spring clean session and reshuffled some furniture around. As a result, our kitchen has a new layout, our fridge had been cleaned, and the yearning for cold ice with our gin was ever resonating in the air. It was hot today. With NO power till 11am. I had missed the ceremony… And because it was a live session, taking a video had deemed difficult. And I found myself crying with sentiment whole evening. Now, typing this to you.

Dear Reader,

We’ve just had our festive season, and may even have become complacent with our hygiene, and accustomed to the methods and new processes at standard… Our frustrations levels may be through the roof, or, what we’re really doing is hiding the fear of going outside. The perspectives about this thing is endless, and I know it can be overwhelming to even peak at the news that’s available. Not knowing what’s true or false, what to focus, or how to continue.

I’m here today asking you, to please wear a mask and spike up your hygienic efforts ( especially in public, and when interacting with loved ones and other acquaintances.) Not for the sake of you, but for those around you, and others around them.

This thing isn’t over, and within South Africa we’re now dealing with another outbreak, a 9th strain. And what I know about viruses through our Equine experiences with African Horse Sickness ( AHS), it’s rather intricate work to develop a vaccine to even hope for some desirable result or outcome. Should we take South Africa for example, SA has two equine-vaccines available we as equestrians need to ensure gets administered by a vet twice YEARLY, each at a particular point of the year. Particularly in winter when the catalyst -the midge- is dormant in winter. You see, the vaccine is a live version of the virus, injected into the horse, hoping to help build anti bodies. For should he get AHS, the horse can attempt to survive it. Together with our care management and further hands-on treatments – we could help prevent this at all cost and inform ourselves as best we can as a supportive community. Read more with links here>> click The fatality rate remain high.
Horses who’ve had it, will be on a long path of recovery and rehabilitation. Both horses who’ve been vaccinated can still get it, then also those who’ve been left without the help of anti-bodies. That’s where outside intervention of fly sprays, yard hygiene, daily routines, and so forth had been tweaked to accommodate this South African equine pandemic accordingly. Yearly. As best we can. Together, with the vaccine law of course…

Why am I telling you this?

I’ve been observing other’s – be it from home, at work, within the shopping market, within the suburbs, and more. Under current Pandemic and global health circumstances, please DON’T play with fire with something we don’t yet understand. Because even with precautions, we aren’t winning. It remains a gamble no matter what we do, but at least we could do our best to get the odds in our favour with what we can control. And this is the closest to home ( with Zvi) this Covid-19 thing has yet hit towards my inner circle. And with a ferocity so unexpected. And, it’s going to change everything.

Can we kick complacency in the butt? By doing the following few things, we can definitely make a difference already by tomorrow.

  • Take heed not to touch your mask often when in use. Make sure it fits comfortably, or make plans to get a new one.
  • Have a lil sanitizer spritzer in your bag or car – sanitizer – to quickly cleanse your hands as you go abouts your day. No matter where you are, or what you do – it’s there. (I prefer alcohol based.)
  • Keep in mind that cash (change, especially coins), groceries, shoes, long hair, and other different objects can easily be contaminated without us knowing. As an extra precaution, utilize above mentioned spritzer method, to spritz received change before storing it away. Spritz each grocery item and wipe with a disposable cloth, to ensure they’re decontaminated for future in-house handling; BEFORE placing them in their allocated cupboard space. Perhaps, leave main shoes for travelling close to the door ( and not walk throughout the whole house with them, without washing the floor shortly after.)
  • Wear your mask in public, and when meeting close relatives, ( or, when at home with family- keep at least your distance and AVOID kisses, close hugs) no matter the discomfort nor awkwardness.
  • Washing your hands is still one of the best things to do. (Take heed with how much water you use. Close the tap between initial wetting and then rinsing.)
  • Connect with your people. It’s tough on everyone. (Technology had been in our favour, making it easier to connect in conversation with those we love. Pick up your phone and do it. )
  • Keep yourself healthy. Eat well, and keep your body moving.
  • Be aware of your thinking.
  • For more advice to kick complacency in its tracks – tips, and insights – feel free to visit our Instagram or Linkin bio for more!)

What ever you choose, get’s to the doing of things without being crippled by self-doubt, overthinking nor perfectionist paralysis. Don’t be naive; and help keep our communities safe.

With all that, I wish you an excellent first day back at work – and thank you, for taking extra care from now on to consider what I’ve shared with you today.

We’re in this together after all. Let’s not become complacent with living.
Embrace being your kinda different within the safety parameters of others. What ever ‘different’ may look like or hold meaning to you – own it. Safely.


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