incrediwear E Q U I N E | RSA
incrediwear E Q U I N E | RSA

incrediwear E Q U I N E | RSA

My Equine Senior is kitted for success.

With an open channel towards the brand Incrediwear Equine having direct line of comms and method of imports to South Africa ; I’m happy to boast at how speedy and effective we were able to get these babies all the way from California, with our connections. 🇿🇦
My horse now has everything from #incrediwearequine to manage his phleg leg almost around the clock. This brand’s products had been the most effective at achieving results with my horse’s left hind that has been at a constant inflammation. ‘A new normal’. Now, with new hope stoked- I’m happy to share our results of before and afters with you. It only takes one session to make up your mind. (We’ll cover more indepth photos throughout the month on our instagram feed @interpriority, reflecting on the leg’s size throughout our active rehabilitation. Highlighting the most effective results achieved within limited amount of time when using these beauties from incrediwear. )

From human use to Equine, we can highly recommend. Should you be interested, reach out to RJ at for more! She’s more than happy to help. 📫


—Left Hind Circulation Hock boot- not as effective yet as the plain sokkie(Circulation hoof sock), especially, when horse’s leg is a bit big. 🧦#circulationstandingwraps#circulationbandages#providingcomfort#horsecare#equinemanagement#imports#southafrica#equineboutiqueshop#equineblogger#forthegoodofthehorse#forthegoodoftherider#effectivebrand#stunningtools#proofinthepudding#investment#workingrider#assistance

Want to try these out?!✨💪Or, know of someone who may benefit from this, or their Equine?
Perhaps you’re a physio needing alternative noninvasive treatments…
Tag them in the comments below for us to connect.

There’s more info listed here >SHOP<per product mentioned in this post.

“Unlike compression products, Incrediwear products do not need to compress to work. Instead, our technology incorporates semiconductor elements Germanium & Carbon within our fabric, which when activated by body heat, release negative ions. The negative ions activate molecular vibrations that increase not only blood circulation, but lymphatic flow as well. “

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