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A message in a bottle
A message in a bottle

A message in a bottle

What if it’s your current reality.
No matter what you do, you’re against a brick wall.
Ever so slightly, the shackles are tightening;
restraining, forcibly suffocating.

Consumerism, Religion,
Philosophy, Politics,
Self-discovery, betrayal,
oh great, you’re still here are you?

What is value towards society and yourself?

I hate the inevitable “I told you so.”
towards the remorse of what could be’s,
the have been’s and more.

Be careful what you keep bottled up,
and how you go to stay on top of it.
Be careful what you share to whom specific others;
not all spaces are deemed safe for one’s self expression.
Be careful what you wish for.

It has been lonely.
What is a good diversified conversation source?
I’m living my life of thought through camera snippets and
odd words in journals.
Isn’t that how pshyco’s end up?

My senses blustered by whatever logic deemed present in the (current) room.
The thrill chivalry, the playful spontaneity and that care-freeness…
Gone, without a trace.
Where to even begin, again?

I’ve noticed being lost, multiple, on occasion;
seemingly adrift when I’m supposed to be right here.
Lost, without expression, or reason;
nothing for same same nor different.

Experience, is what makes you stronger.
For me, it feels more like I’m being drowned by it.
So many complexities.
So lil time, energy and resources to really care and work through it anymore.

Do you think its time to just cry and conform yet?
Is that what everyone’s been doing?

09.12.2021 – A message in a bottle

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