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Your choice
Your choice

Your choice

What is it you’re trying to do with your life?
I am trying to do with my life something which few people try to do.
And, this influences my thinking. And consequently my actions.

Interview : Catatonic Schizophrenic [Youtube]

It takes a village to keep its people and the surrounding communities safe and healthy.
It takes commraderie, care, and a regular social interaction to keep one reminding that there are others that care. And that with shared and bulk resources, one tends to get more bend with her buck.

Also, the value of a home grown veggy garden having been a bonus to feed us with spinach and pumpkin. There’s value in knowing how to do things with your own hands, and plenty minds to creative think together to problem solve around it.

Also, don’t forget the fresh air and forceful break from routines. Be it through the saving method until the next planning execution; to not being home for days on end to save on travelling… You do what you gotta do to survive.

It aint always sunshine and roses, and many decide not to show the latter to the world.
Hardship befalls on anyone and everyone around us. Don’t be naïve enough to think you’re alone.
Life can always be worse. Decide to start looking at your lucky stars instead.

Me, I acknowledge this hardship, and will push through it until the end.
I trust the universe has much more installed for me, than this mild sake of a panic attack.
With things still being shakey as hell, and new environment and markets selectively trickey to tap into, I remain an optimist to inspire bravery within design and lifestyle changes where ever I go.

I think I think too much.
Especially, when there is no other choice.
It’s truly a particular skill that gets entangeld amongst individuals within a close group.

I’ve never been a favorite.
Perhaps it’s because I think and act differently than others. And not many like that.


You always have a choice, apparently.

The mind over matter is a things, it’s said.

Hardship, can be just that. Or, it could be an opportunity of plenty in disguise.

It depends on what you choose to think.


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