The Person behind this

Ruejean Kotze | Ambitious Interior Architect | 27 yo

Being a Ghost vs. a Raging Mute Lunatic

Identity is worthless, should there be no one to recognise it.
Identity is useless should there be no one able to acknowledge its current existence and allow its influence.
But, to have identity without a back story – allows for the connotation of meaningless misinterpretations regarding its suggested intentions on each action executed.

It does not get old, being someone no one else had expected.

However, the constant undersetimation does not make being me comfortable nor easy.

I have ecstatic and exhilirated reactions – filled with kindness and insight to share with anyone.

No one is used to it.

No one is used to someone selflessly becomming involved with each conversation or activity : to challenge ideas for good time spent for a better tomorrow for us all. Each experience matters, be it business or pleasure. No vendetta nor strings attached.


May I bounce something off you real quick?

The perception of you that is embedded in someone else’s mind – and their perception influenced by whatever experience they have had about you. Filled with whatever bubblefluff that occupy their mind (thoughts) building a little version ( a perspective) of you in their mind.

Why do we care so much what others may think?

Our choices, what we do – how and why we do it?! The list of questions can be never ending.

Unless, you remind yourself to stop caring so much about others’ opinions, about what you choose; do ; how and why; etc…

Being Me is as equally exciting and frustrating.

I always try to keep smiling; I cannot lie; and have developed an observational eye for detail. I have developed a hard work ethic, wombo combo’d with good team working efforts, and in turn developed a positive outlook to each new day approaching.

You who knew me then, do not know me now.

You, who know me now, do not know me of then.

This  truly allows plenty of opportunity for you to underestimate me.


Learn something new from anyone every day – without expecting much.

Be more helpful to others, without expecting something in return.

Be courageous to ask that silly question – in turn develop something outstanding from the basic principle.

How could inspiring everyone around you to be them-better-selves; allow you to inspire a better future for the community?

I do not have the answers – but I am here to help challenge the mindset and way of thinking.

As for now, I need to become familiar with you – in turn help encourage your passionate drive to inspire positive change within your immediate surrounds.

To do that, you need to know of me – or at least trust the judgements that are being made. That is why, I need to ask you this : 

Should something have resonated with you – or should you be at least just a little bit intrigued or curious…  Please consider scrolling some more.

I'd love to know I'm not the only one thinking this way.


At University we were enlightened with the fact that Interior Architecture refers to a temporary notion taking place within a designated space. With the intention to alter the way people use the space. How they interact with it. What the atmosphere should be; as well as the influence the design might have on any user with their time spent.

It is an extremely exciting and technical discipline, which consists of numerous specialised branches – each with their own care to specific detail. I love it !! There is always something new to read about, and the more you know (learn,) the more you have to work (design) with. 

Learn from anyone and in turn become known within the industry. I personally enjoy observing numerous design characteristics (styles), and learning from on-site experiences.

Design is a proposed lifestyle, touching lives every day. The profession is no easy thing to master – making it that much more demanding and exciting to be a part of.