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L – Lima
L – Lima

L – Lima


  • attach a label to (something.)
  • a short word or phrase desrciptive of a person, group, intellectual movement, etc.
  • as the process of attaching a discriptive word or phrase to someone or something else.


  • the quality of having or spending freely.
  • the quality of being open to new ideas and free from prejudice.
  • the quality of not being opposed to ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted; quality of being generous/ different.
  • people and lifestyles.


  • the way in which a person lives.


  • a limiting rule or circumstance; a restriction.
  • a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass.


  • give one’s attention to sound.
  • to hear what someone has said and understand that it is serious, important or true.


  • relating or restricted to a particular area or one’s neighbourhood.
  • pertaining to, characteristics of, or restricted to a particular area.
  • in particular.
  • not general or wide spread.
  • a local custom.


  • of according to the rules of logic or formal argument.
  • in adjectives corresponding chiefly to nouns ending in -logy.
  • reasoning conducted or addressed according to strict principles of validity.
  • a system or set of principles underlaying the arrangements of elements in a computer or electronic device so as to perform a specific task.
  • a particular way of thinking about something (reasoning.)
  • a branch of philosophy and mathematics that deals with the formal principles, methods and criteria of validity of inference, reasoning and knowledge.
  • Logic is concerned with what is true and how we can know whether something is true.


  • a state of comfort, especially when involving great expense.
  • a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort.
  • something that is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity. (pleasing and satisfying.)


  • is the capacity to translate vision into reality.
  • Unleashing Human Potential.
  • is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it themselves.
  • build relationships on shared purposes – who we are is more important than who we appear to be.


  • set (someone) free from imprisonment.
  • release (gas, energy, etc.) as a result of chemical reaction or physical decomposition.
  • steal (something.)
  • the action of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression, release.


  • the natural agent that stimulates sight and make things visible.


  • scientific study of language and its structure including the study of grammar, syntax and phonetics. specific branches of linguistics include sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, comparative linguistics, and structural linguistics.
  • the study of human speech including the nature, structure, and development of a language and growth.


  • a particular position or place where something occurs or is situated.
  • a curve or other figure formed by all points satisfying a particular equation of the relation between coordinates, or by a point, line or surface moving accodring to mathematically defined conditions.
  • the set of all points whose location determined by stated conditions.
  • ‘of knowledge’ : effects in concept learning. The comparisons help specify the ways in which knowledge does and does not influence concept information.

London Architectural Society

  • Gathered Socially for the purpose of idea sharing.
  • was a society whose members were obliged to read an essay and exhibit an unpublished design each year or pay a forfeit.
  • Competitions global vs local.


  • often thought of as an emotion we experience characterised by the desire to be close to another person; the sense of cozy pleasure we feel in a relationship.
  • Usually perceived as warmth, sttraction, intimacy, closeness, and excitement.
  • Lies in its powerful meaning forces that ignite the positive emotions that bring true meaning to our lives.
  • devotion.
  • virtue based on compassion, affection and kindness (humanity.)
  • our strenght lies in caring relationships with others.

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