Who are you, when you need to be?
Who are you, when you need to be?

Who are you, when you need to be?

I find myself wondering about the meaningfulness and value of having a routine. To track the things you do, to keep the discipline going holding yourself accountable as you go.

As easy as one’s day can become set on autopilot, I’ve noted it may take double the active effort to change the behaviour and pattern (or tone) of thinking to stay in control or at flow.

Strangled by the sense of survivability towards the reason for the weekly grind, how far had we not come since this whole Lockdown thing in 2020. Keeping busy keeps ones eyes on the road in front of you, instead of really noticing what’s going on in a broader spectrum, and asking questions. It’s August already.

Take a moment and really consider how much of an emotional being you are compared to that of logic. What’s the conversation like when you’re inside your own mind? What do you do, or where do you go to break free from the overwhelm your mind’s chatter may create? What gets you out of bed every morning?

Where would you like to be right now? What should you actually be doing right now?

Isn’t it strange to see how our responsibilities ( self made or not,) can curate our Life for us?

Not too long ago I shared a few key points we could already implement today (professionally and personally) for a changed approach and perspective towards our outlook and strategies of the moment / day/ week/ month, going forward towards success.

Have you taken a moment to read abouts a lil? See the already shared insights for a better tomorrow, and make it your own.

Then, define the line – where work ends, and personal care begins. Remember what it feels like to dream, and be inspired for a crazier more beautiful tomorrow. Have courage to step into action. Be willing to ask a hand. And don’t feel alone within the consumed world of loneliness.

It’s one thing to be at ease with who you are and how you think, it’s another when you don’t have anyone to share the weird corners with. To delve deeper into your thoughts, but not alone. What do you do when you’re feeling lonely? Any advise you could pass a long?

I may not know where you are within your journey, but I’m here to encourage you to keep going. You’ve come way-too-far to throw in the towel now. Define the line, then draw it – and move a long. Remain starry-eyed but not a total oblivious to reality. Be the beauty this world so desperately needs. It won’t be easy. Be focused energized by Play, and be who you need to, to win the moment.


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