De Ja Vu
De Ja Vu

De Ja Vu

This month started with the right dose of momentum and excitement to constantly keep going with each project involvement and design curation for more than two handfuls of clients. It was marvelous. I’d been inspired once more to again introduce our exciting possibilities and quality to the market out there for amazing new faces. How great!

I’ve met so many professionals, it had been an absolute privilege to get to know a lil bit about their world of business, and discover how I need to tweak my services to adjust and assist accordingly towards what we both need to succeed.

Getting to the doing of these things required within a Sales profession, one can easily be drowned by the amount of admin tracking required to keep you on PAR and in flow. No matter the amount of successful tools you may have. It quickly became overwhelming as my place of residence’ area experienced more frequent unexplained power failures. Enforcing horrid signal connectivity and rescheduled and postponed calls, and never happening meetings for the remaining day or week. What a way to set a first impression… Out of my control. A minor disaster.

I do make a plan, as you may know from our previous posts, starting here.

| M I N D full S P A C E |

I’m always one with a backup plan. But I can’t do miracles if all of this happens as the clock turns the dial at that crucial moment… Such a disappointing feeling.

Through this constant grinding and hoping to make a plan to be as efficient and effective as possible – I’ve neglected visiting Idol (my horse) the whole of September. Swak. Unforgiving. As there was damage done I need now to dedicate more to fixing it.

But then, I constantly sit and battle with individuals who don’t have my back and fail at simplest details to help me succeed and win. I might as well do things myself – but don’t have the time for it…!

Can you perhaps see the viscous cycle I’m referring to?

What a learning curve and I’m really exhausted. This will change and have changed with the month of October. I’ve seen Idol more frequently. We’ve worked through a few things, and things are looking great for us. He was stiff everywhere in his neck, shoulders and body; we loosened that up. His shoes hurt with a cross bend in the front, with the add of over reaching boots it’s better. I cleaned wounds that wouldn’t have been there should fetlock boots have been removed frequently. Rain rot developed on his topline, and his leg flared. He needs My dedication. And he’s got it. Mama’s here now. Now, it’s effort not to worry about the standards of my 9 – 5h work quality lowering because I’m not spending as much time after hours with it to catchup on admin and double checking others’ things before the next day.

I don’t know what to do… All I know is if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. And usually, I’m the one who ends up doing it.


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