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When’s the right time, and how to react towards your dreams’ illusion?
When’s the right time, and how to react towards your dreams’ illusion?

When’s the right time, and how to react towards your dreams’ illusion?

This month suddenly feels different, and I’m in dire need for some sparkles. Where this month was supposed to be filled with excitement, and looking forward to my birthday… It was filled with the reality of violence, brutal Farm murders, particular rallies for awareness, arsonists setting fire to more than 10 000ha of farmland across South Africa; only to name a few. My Homeland. My country, is pulling itself apart from within. My poor Afrikaner and Black farmers. Living in fear each night, not knowing who’s going next.

The people who do the hardest work, to ensure our nation gets fed | get’s targeted for murder by incompetent fools. Who seem to fail to reason, and consider the future of all humanity within South Africa. With a crime rate at 58%… what are we to do than scream for international media’s attention – to help guide our corrupt government into reconciliation, and save our farmers. Safe our people. And create a safe place for our children. Enough is enough.

Please, I ask you kindly – may we have a moment of your time to understand? And perhaps, share for awareness? Please?

Click here for RazzaOfficial – What’s happening to farmers in South Africa,
Click here for Big Daddy Liberty, Local Journalist RSA video ,
Click here, for news about remarkable donations to assist farmers in need from RSA communities,
and perhaps click here for Move one Million.
and here for Alan Jones, an Australian News presenter sharing our Horror plight.

We need your help,
and know this is scary.

Then, while that’s happening I’m still here strangled with reality that life needs to “go on.” Work needs doing no matter the expense. Clients need satisfying without venting or complaint. Creative strategic thinking to ensure optimal use of energy and time is spent to ensure success for the pipeline. Keep smiling and carry on.

Then there’s home chores, my Idol (horse), and many much more others!! I mean come on – I haven’t even seen my parents since June!

I’ve not been able to get myself into online gaming ( Osu!) again, so ended up distracting myself with hand drawn sketches of our super secret something together with some renders. Don’t judge this 5 y/o laptop’s skill – even while only able to give me bare minimum juice, it still achieves to represent a concept and spatial hierarchy with soft furnishings. What you think? I’m in love with fireplaces.

I’m oddly aware that everyone has a sense of darkness within themselves. I can feel my own soul knocking at its door as it remains a part of who I am. Yet, I’m too scared and humble to take a look at what I’ve been keeping locked for so.many.years. Let alone share or express it into this world.

May I ask you something? What do you do… No wait, how do you safely start working yourself through those layers? To discover your true self but express self constraint during the process. How can one be in balance when you know you’re not even half of the potential story of whom you can be, yet your shaking in your boots with fear to peak at what’s behind the veil?

There’s overthinking, then also hollow halls with no thought. Together with the mantra ” blank wall, black wall ” to eliminate all thoughts shooting me into an emotional or thinking harpoon cycle with no control. The world goes on remember. Things need doing remember. There’s no time for huffy-puffs.

It’s lonely. How do you get to do You? I feel blocked, there’s something not “legher.”

Uncharted territory.


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