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Developing Content


To Ride, or Not to Ride – That is Equestrian

Horseing about

Equestrian Journey, Techniques and Progress, Insight & Delightful Discoveries

Idol Worship

Join us as we embark on our 12 Year Journey, from being OTTB showjumper – to retirement. Now, Natural Horsemanship and hopeful Out riding soon.

ST Mastery Class 2020 – new adventure

Growing takes time

Rehabilitating unwanted / discarded plants, Developing a Green Finger, Beauty and Reason for all types of Greens
See more here and here.

Our choices matter

Be more Conscious of each decision. There are consequences. We can make a change, together. Resistance being exploited as we go.


If it still makes you cry, it still matters | Parth

Cyclone Idai

Malawi & Zimbabwe | Africa
04 & 21 March 2019
|Monday-Thursday|2 weeks

Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris | France
15 & 16 April 2019


Durban Floods|Plastics

Durban | South Africa
23 & 25 April 2019
|Monday-Thursday |4days

AHS Outbreak ’19

South Africa |Eastern side
Early 2019
Months*Fatal to Equines

Volcano Mount Kilauea

Hawaii |South Eastern side
August – September 2019
More than 2 weeks.

Amazonia Fire

Amazon Forest|Brazil
August 2019

41,858 fires|3+ weeks…
Nothing more can be found on the net since 9 Sep 2019.


Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste| Clicks, South Africa
September 2019

I challenge you to use similar fluoride free toothpaste for atleast 3 x days, before brushing with your old favourite brand.
I’m cursious to note what your findings where.

Australian Bushfire

Reported Flames 70m high |Australia
August 2019 – January 2020.

AROUND 500 MILLION animal lives lost.
Estimated 46 million acres/72,000 square miles burned, over 2,500 buildings (including over 1,300 houses) destroyed and over 25 people killed.
|6 months


Extended period of time without electricity. Demand exceeding supply |South Africa
November 2019 – Current 2020
No hot water, nor interwebs or mobile connectivity. No Light at night, nor fan to keep the mosquitoes away. For either 2h – 4h30 hour intervals, be it in the morning, during working hours or at night… What a way to live, work and play…

Corona Virus

Wuhan Wildlife Market |China, now spread world wide. Global Health Crisis
December 2019 – Current 2020

23.03.2020 –
Coronavirus Cases : 395,502
Deaths : 17,233 (4.35%)
Recovered : 103,732 (26.22%)


02.2020|To try and contain nCoV-2019, which on Friday had climbed to 31,990+ global cases with 630+ confirmed dead in China, authorities have slapped a nation-wide ban on the trade and consumption of all wildlife.”

Corona Virus linked to Pangolins = hybrid virus with traces to bats. A guess it’s from 16-21 x Pangolins rescued earlier in March’19 which caretakers where unable to save.

“Published by a Guangdong-based research team in 2019, the study reveals that “most of the dead pangolins had a swollen lung which contained a frothy liquid, as well as the symptom of pulmonary fibrosis

Read more here.


A song is never finished, only abandoned. Artists worth noting and sharing with others.

Gamer Chick

Back bone on administrative skills and typing Professionally 90’s kid. Influencing a community to come together and share experiences and challenges within an unusual niche.

Actually getting things done

Organizing and planning; Travelling and networking. Finding the balance between work , play, love, and relax.

Activating Life Codes

One of them is |PASSION|
January 2020 – Current
The fuel that drives you to new levels without hesitation and with some kind of inborn grit and determination to do it.
It’s a sense of extreme control over a situation, yet have none – at the same time. Passion, I believe, is when the bridge between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges / achievements align.

Read more here, here and here.

Sales as Profession

The grit needed to survive within this ever demanding discipline. The thrills vs. lessons learnt

The eyes are useless if the mind is blind.
If you don’t control what you think, You can’t control what you do| Napoleon Hill

Read a bit more about shared gratitude within the industry here.

People Skills

Thinking is difficult. That’s why people judge| Carl Jung


Decorex |Gallagher Convention Centre , South Africa
August 2019
Open minded people don’t care to be right, they care to understand. There’s never a right or wrong answer. Everything is about understanding within the creative hub of Design.
|Stephen Falcke


10 Year Highschool Reunion |Pretoria, South Africa
28 September 2019.
Wonderful experience reconnecting and learning about one another again. These ten years are really a long time, in which anything can happen.
Can you see @Eet.bid.leef ? xx


Outwalk Friendly visit | Rosemary Hill Stables, South Africa
As @_Lightfooted stated
Outrides/trails/walks like these is something I’ve felt missing from my current routine. Something I believe to be very beneficial for the horse/human relationship, as it requires a kind of soft focus from both parties. Focus on each other, surroundings, and your own footing. “
See more here.

Exciting Discoveries

To share wonderful insights with You, the audience. To build excitement, curiosity, bravery and Flow towards familiarity.

Interior Relations

Creative minds are Rarely Tidy


Everyone experiences the unexpected – which grabs all your time, energy and effort. Be brave through the messy busy times. You can do this.

May we say Hello every so often?

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