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I’ll be sharing thoughts and ideas marked beneath different categories as had been listed below. Mind you, they are written pieces, requiring a moment of your time to spend reading and thinking.

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I share it, because I found it valuable for myself – and believe you should too.


Developing Content


To Ride, or Not to Ride – That is Equestrian

Idol Worship

Join us as we embark on our 12 Year Journey, from being OTTB showjumpere – to retirement. Now, Natural Horsemanship and hopeful Out riding soon.

ST Masteryclass 2019 – new adventure

Interior Relations

Creative minds are Rarely Tidy

People Skills

Thinking is difficult. That’s why people judge| Carl Jung


Open minded people don’t care to be right, they care to understand. There’s never a right or wrong answer. Everything is about understanding.


10 Year Highscool Reunion September 2019. Wonderful experience reconnecting and learning about one another again. These ten years are really a long time, in which anything can happen.


The eyes are useless if the mind is blind

If you don’t control what you think, You can’t control what you do| Napoleon Hill


If it still makes you cry, it still matters | Parth

Cyclone Idai

Malawi & Zimbabwe | Africa
04 & 21 March 2019
|Monday-Thursday|2 weeks

Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris | France
15 & 16 April 2019

Durban Floods|Plastics

Durban | South Africa
23 & 25 April 2019
|Monday-Thursday |4days

AHS Outbreak ’19

South Africa |Eastern side
Early 2019
Months*Fatal to Equines

Amazonia Fire

Amazon Forest|Brazil
August 2019
3+ weeks … Fire still burning.


Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste| Clicks
September 2019
. I challenge you to use similar fluoride free toothpaste for atleast 3 x days, before brushing with your old favourite brand.
I’m cursious to note what your findings where.


Everyone experiences the unexpected – which grabs all your time, energy and effort. Be brave through the messy busy times. You can do this.

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