Whether you are fortunate enough to build a new home or, you have the patience to renovate the one you currently own or, if you are still dreaming and unsure about most things, and would like to bounce ideas with a designer…

At interPRiority, we pride ourselves with curating long lasting relationships with our clients.
What may seem like a dreadful and overwhelming process for You – excites us and inspire us to new frontiers.

Our design studio curate solutions by listening and being creatively resourceful. This allowed for interesting project involvements from the digital sphere of logo and graphic design, product design and marketing, all the way through towards the building industry which includes advising and curating livable spaces that are memorable through constant involvement and advising when and as required.

We advise the following process for the best First Date with us :

Step 1

Think about it for a bit. Consider what you need help with.
Do you know what you want ? Or have you only just started and have no clue? Should you find yourself aimlessly falling in love with Tomorrow’s trend, unable to make a choice. Or should you have a clear idea of what you want, but no idea on how to implement it, or manage your project.

Step 2

Look for examples to visually express what your expectations are.
KEYWORDS are important when using the following suggested platforms for inspiration :

#digitalart #logodesign #interiordesign #modernhome #kitchens #bathrooms #tiles #furniture #styles
Inspiration can be endless.

Step 3

Take a deep breath, pour a glass of wine (or tea) and go back to the images saved to have a real good look at them.
It’s fun taking a moment of real consideration after mindlessly building up ideas from Step 2.

Are you able to identify a theme?
Refine your most favorite images to a selection between 5 – 10. Take a slow breath – you’re now ready for us.

Step 4

We truly look forward to setting up a First Date with you through our various platforms , reach out to us and say Hello.

Our First-Date usually includes either a telecom or a face-to-face (Zoom or Skype) interaction. This open communication is vital to getting to know one another and build a better understanding about the design brief.

All our projects are curated individually and have their own unique processes. Which is exactly why we encourage the First Date, to talk openly about time frames, budgets and all other gorgeous necessities which We’ll keep in mind for you as the conversation unfolds.

Be sure to enjoy the journey with us.


Good conversations shouldn’t be costing us anything in the beginning.
Let’s schedule a free consultation via Zoom, or Discord and take things from there.

Thank you so much Ruejean for all your efforts over this time, it has been a pleasure working with you.
Your professionalism and attention to detail is to be admired and respected.  (Wish there were more like you)
Thanks again, we will keep you updated with progress, And send you  some pictures.   
” K.U. DBN

Ruejean Kotze’s Portfolio 2010 – 2017

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