Time is money and money’s time, We wasted every single dime
Time is money and money’s time, We wasted every single dime

Time is money and money’s time, We wasted every single dime

A Perfect Cicle : So long and Thanks for all the fish

A Perfect Circle : Disillusioned

Techniques, Practices, Routines and Rituals; Planning, Organizers, Reminders and Alarms; Awareness, Open Mindedness, Spontaneity and Compromise; Standardized minimum, Staying away for Greed, or go above and beyond in Service ; Heart Aches, Burnt Fingers and Sleepless Nights towards a dready Monday.

Are we stuck on repeat?

Are we crippled by our systematic circumstance, that we are unable to turn and walk into a different direction towards change?

Where to, do you allow your mind to wonder when it involves thinking about your concerns? Do you allow only one superficial glance, or do you take time to really think about them and start curating solutions? Would you get overwhelmed and give up not even half way through? Or do you muster the courage to truly understand what these concerns entail and how you could deal with them?

From another angle, habituation had kicked in towards these concerns, becoming so accustomed to them that they have become the norm : something that should remain unchanged… Before you know it, much time had passed, and you’re still not anywhere close to resolving the issue at hand. Complete demotivation.

(Mind taking a quick step back with me?)

We are nearing the end of February, 2019. I cannot believe I had been able to keep up. A new year within the workplace is not for the faint hearted. The expectancy to have never been on holiday in the first place : to keep those feet running and pointing forwards…

Performance, Accuracy and communication; Engagement, Meaning and Added Value; New Team Members, Familiar Acquintances and Total Strangers; To Inform, Advise and Damage Control; Product Knowledge, Time Frames and Project Briefs; Grit, Perseverance and a Good Team : is what it took to stay feet on the ground.

Within a fresh New Year, do not be ignorant to schedule a moving out escapade at the end of January… Packing everything, living out of boxes, while the world expects your full attention. Not. Easy.

It had been challenging staying on top of things – project managing my career, that of my personal life, and now that of boxes, transport, cleaning, and unpacking… People closest to you will help with that grit.
“Vele hande, ligte werk” – Afrikaans saying : the more helping hands, the quicker/easier the job gets done.

Time had been extremely limited and comprimises had to be made. I am NOT happy about it. Family time, Time with my horse, Personal Exercise time, Home chores and cooking…had been neglected, on the persuit of keeping up with the system’s demands.

My current concerns and hurdles seem to be small and insignificant though – when one starts to think about the state of the World – Our Society – Our Communities – Your City – Your Town – Your Neighbourhood – You – towards your Own Mind.

Something is really wrong here and I hate to notice how society had continued to live with the motto ” out of sight – out of mind.”

  • Have you gone one day without electricity?
  • Have you gone one day without fresh clean water?
  • Have you gone a few days withour a working toilet?
  • How does it feel when all your fresh groceries require a refrigerator to stay cool – but there’s no power for who knows how long?
  • How about, You had been removed from the employment force of your country, and you haven’t been able to find your way back in – what’s to happen to you? (Should you not have caring friends and family)
  • When you have nothing, and those around you SEE nothing – what significance are you ever able to achieve within society?
  • When you take a walk, do you stroll blindly past the rubbish a long side the curb, or do you pick it up and throw it in the trash can?
  • Is that where our responsibility starts and end?
  • What about the over filled rubbish landfills, unable to biodegrade?
Out of sight out of mind, we have a rat race to attend to.

It takes courage, to sit down and really consider the consiquences of inaction – one of many weapons of mass destruction.

What does it mean to live a sustainable life?

  • Finding Harmony between Family, Love and Work?
  • Is it recycling?
  • Is it Solar Power or reuse of grey water vs potable water?
  • Is it the clothes you buy interms of the material they are made out of?
  • Is it because your purchase will indirectly support the company – who gives back to the community for those in need?
  • Are you living sustainably by buying from your local farmer’s grocer?
  • Is your lifestyle sustainable by cooking with organic produce vs. organic cosmetic uses and cleaning detergents?

Any system is only as strong as its weakest link. It is beyond my comprehension, that there is no global urge to influence immediate change everywhere. Anything is better than doing nothing. There is no other way than to live today – to incur a better tomorrow for everyone and everything.

Camp Century : I believe to be the Game Changer (must watch )

The Button had already been pressed for us, it’s just a matter of time.

Why do we continuously throw a blind eye?

China stops importing recyclables : (must watch ) Not many exists who have found uses for these recyclable goods. Ventures call it too risky – to endure the process from moving away from raw and virgin materials : to that of reprocessed and reused material. Efforts from the consumer, may now seem wasteful itself : as there’s “no change” with the extra effort…
All ends on a dump anyway…

Something needs doing, and fast. Everyone knows it, but no one’s concerned enough to be pulled into action.

The current systematic circumstance needs to pull on full breaks and quickly influence a changed lifestyle experience to its inhabitants.

Living sustainably is a major global concern – I believe National enforced steps need to be set in place.

Why would we rather be selfish and focus on our self gain after each attempt of living? Narrow mindedly wondering through the streets of our immediate surroundings, blinkers limiting our observational traits to truely see the mischief that’s infront of us.

Strong reference Game: We Happy Few ; Feeling and being crippled by available tools to reach out, take a stance and influence innovation.

Chaos will be at the forefront.

Our human connectedness and creativity will be the key towards great innovation towards our survival in coinciding with this natrual atmospheric muddball – called Earth.

She’s ours – to share with anything and everthing else. Also, to take responsibility of her amd take care of her.

Time to take action, live up to responsibility and help our societal era reach new heights, insights and collaborative influence.

It is not you against me, nor us against them. Neither is it about the immediate benefit or reward, nor how much monetary value could be added to such uncertainties.

It’s us giving our best shot, and continued preseverance of not giving up – until finding that pure delightful moment when the result had evidented.
Nothing ofcourse went according to plan until that point, yet valuable lessons were observed and noted, adapting each approach along the way.

Teamwork, kindness and insightful shoulders to lean on will surely influence a beautiful tomorrow for all.

Are you going to be throwing in the towel, and just sit there with a paperbag over your head? Helplessly cowering away from the current threat.

Or are you going to use that towel as a tool to assist you in finding ways to achieve what needs doing towards the very end?

Anything good takes time.

Patience to continuously learn and accommodate new knowledge within your strategy going forward, on PAR with a lot of effort and self discipline.

It will not be easy. It hardly ever is.

Why should it stay a dream to have a wonderful clean green environment to live in? Coexisting and caring for one another. Like we used to. Just like we need to now. Reflecting that exact same care and love towards your fellow citizen interconnectedness.

“They will take care of it.”

There’s NO “they” – there’s you and me.


We share this planet and her resources. We have devised these systematic processes to keep ourselves occupied, productive and entertained.

At what cost?

What more would you need to know, need to see, or need to experience : in order to change the way you react and live the way you do?

There isn’t just one success.
There needs to be sustainability within all its diverse dimensions – economy, society, education, environmental…

That is why, I’d like to connect with you. I hope to have convinced you, that once a change had first been influenced within your own home : You’d be comfortable and confident enough to influence change within the lives of others.

The problems – concerned catastrophies – are definitely intimidating. It’s extremely easy to get sucked into the systematic rhythm of the day to day necessities and not allow one thought towards such deep critical thinking. The complete diversified uniqueness within cultural differences, do not make it easier either.

I agree, it’s quite a pessimistic grim outlook – should we continue at the pace we are at.

We don’t think the same.
We don’t value the same things.
Your concerns are definitely different to my own.
We aren’t on the same level, nor do I claim to be.
I need you eye to eye on this, Hey.

Once we all muster the perseverance to change for at least an environmental aspect ( impact) of what we are doing on a daily basis, and how ‘well’ we interact with others with kind intentions :

  • How different would your town or this world feel and be experienced like, when you’re met with the exact appreciative courtesy in return?
  • No second guessing for ugly intentions because there won’t be any.

Industrial, Commercial, Retail Sectors, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs – all to take active control in reducing their ecological footprints.
Beautiful indeed.

It’s going to be difficult.
Teaching an old systematic Approach new tricks,
but I know it will be worth it.
We dream about that reality for a reason.

Let’s do things to influence a changed tomorrow, everyone will be globally proud of.

It starts with one step into the right direction. Once comfortable – start taking leaps.

  • From Paper Architecture – to working buildings
  • From Teachers – to influencial lifetime students ( individuals)
  • Societal Foot Print – to Global Waste (management) issues.

Do I have your attention?

Trust me, I am aware at how complex this is, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Indeed an intimidating topic to discuss – but a can of beans needing to be opened none the less.

We deal with real concerns on a daily basis. Let us do our best to change each intention to be of a sustainable nature – with each action and each interaction needing to take place.

Hard work is infront of us – with an ever demanding deadling to get things done in. I’m going to do my best to be an example – living proof – that we can do this!

Pull up your socks, dust yourself off 
and prepare yourself for another exciting adventure, where everybody is new at This.

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