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Everything green – died
Everything green – died

Everything green – died

It all started with the motto and fine principles of “Survival of the fittest.” Anything green used to die in my care no matter how careful or attentive I had been on how I took care of it. I couldn’t wait getting my own Acacia sensu lato Bonsai – and see it grow with me through my journey. But alas, it too soon gave up.

Believe me when I say lessons had been learnt from casual observation to active implementing and tweaking the past few years. My plant collection had increased, making it perhaps a numbers game that’s counting in my favour.

We love rehoming plants, believing to our core it’s a waste to cut or remove a tree without deeper consideration. For instance, during a home renovation the new home owner disliked the existing fern garden and wanted something completely different and Mediterranean. I saved more than 5 arm fulls of ferns that day. Taking the time to travel 2 – 3 trips with my car to get them home safely.

They have survived since, we had lovely rain shortly after moving into our new place beginning November 2019. During that time we also noticed 2x palm trees and 5x or more aloe trees dumped at a Dumpsite – which we ofcourse immediately rehomed. Transporting large plants aint easy Guys!

Saving these plants really had been more a fun blessing than an over expansion of responsibility. They create beautiful privacy now at our porch, and have grown these little green leafy buds all over the stems it’s amazing to see nature so alive in such micro instances. Not to mention the interesting and annoying bug life!

For me, it’s about finding the right plants for your lifestyle, home, location and personality. It’s about being curious with each of your plants’ reactions to their environment and exposure to the elements ( sun water and wind,) especially when they are inside.

I have to be honest though, the less I worried and casually cared for my plants – the more they flourished and grew beyond expectation. I’ve learnt to leave them be, and at least depending on season – ensure they have something to drink with sufficient sunlight. Also not too much, as the sun can be quite potent at particular times. So observe your area, and learn through trial and error.

I love my snake plants and succulents – while always willing to assist with open arms another challenge. Fine tuning my nursery skills for colour and texture as I go.

Between watering my plants in the evenings,and shutting down from the rush of the day; it remains astounding how unique nature and her doings are, and how gorgeous the devils in the details turn out to be! Really have a look next time you observe a plant.

Before taking on a plant into your care though, kindly consider the home you’ll give it and it’s protection from the elements. It’s pot size, be it sharing with others or alone. The type of soil, amount of light, you know – everything.

Don’t forget to keep a close eye on pests especially when living close to an open veld left for the wild; and your plants being outside.

Other than that, take a deep breath and enjoy spending time outdoors. We’ve kept busy during the holidays. But since we are back to work – the hard labour gardening work had been limited.

At the moment our lil garden needs a bit of weeding after the lovely rain – and fitting time for that within our newly developed schedule is an exciting topic indeed!

But for now lets hose down the garden, with Gin inhand !

RJ xx





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