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RJ| The day before tomorrow
RJ| The day before tomorrow

RJ| The day before tomorrow

_| 24.04.2020 |_
A wordless whisper
Anxious to be heard.
A blur, a flash
A smother, a crash.
A heart clenched breathless
A mind laid bare.
Another morning, another day,
Where do I find my character?

Silent chatter aimlessly searching
No amount of paper able to keep up.
What’s the truest point to all this,
if it’s wishful thinking towards same-ol-same?

Who are we, or what to do?
Who am I with hand filled dreams?
Quiet down, keep steady that pen.
It’s what it is, it is Now. That’s it.
There goes Yesterday,
For a hopeful Tomorrow.

It’s Now that matters most.
Take that deep breath and step forward in courage.
You’ll do just fine,
Find your self release…

#firstattemptinyears #creativewriting

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