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RJ| h o p e
RJ| h o p e

RJ| h o p e


There’s this soft fading echo of Promises undone throughout the crevasses of my mind,
hoping for Silence to whisper something simpler, more intimate, more authentic and brutally exotic my way.

I am, this necessary skin and bone with a pinch of modesty,
frequently tip-toed-tango through my own imbalances
in hopes to save you from your own.

Yet, as eyes focus on the mirror in search of something sparkly,
the softened void drifting effortlessly, with hopes to escape the ever present existence of words,
shows rather the glaring stares from unfamiliar back at me.

Perhaps, identities shaped by society as time clocked by.
I cannot help but wonder,
if I was the wolf in sheeps clothing,
why give Me the light?

What do we hope to gain?
So alone, yet not alone –
depends whether the darkness scares you.


#interpriority (I am but Me for this moment once,
as Night becomes Day, and Day yet another Tomorrow.)

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