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When Life gives you lemons
When Life gives you lemons

When Life gives you lemons

If you told me a few months back I would pick up creative writing in 2020 – I would’ve been rather amused. Never having had time before, I would not imagine curating pieces like ‘ The day before tomorrow ‘, nor ‘ h o p e ‘.

I’m constantly amazed at how life can throw us curve balls and change the course by 180 degrees. Squeezing us like lemons in ways we could not have predicted. Together with the creative writing, we’ve been experimenting with our food. With cupboards filled to the brim entering into the two weeks extended lockdown, it had been fun doing things slightly differently as a new daily routine.

From our oats, peanutbutter and condens milk cookie-bie-snacks, to enjoying sunset braai’s with our last bit of Gin. Not to mention the Zoocookie surprise (Thanks mum Leoni) and pancake mix. Hmmmmhmmm.

Then there’s the group called Yoga sessions to help break the mindset barrier of Grief and situational awareness, while sharing a moment of connectedness and focus for an hour. Apart from the bi-weekly sessions of focused brainstorming on the ways going forward.

Yet. as you may have gathered, the lockdown had taken a bit of a toll on me. I am however, making the best what I can from it.

I mean, we even threw in the towel for our recyclables into burnables. To help declutter our space a bit and not take so much unnecessary responsibility on our household, because of ‘the idea’ of something. We’ve kept all the glass and tinware – hoping to house succulent plant babies soon.

For now, be sure to catch all the snippits of the beginning of our Lockdown on instagram @interpriority , Doing our best to catch each silver lining.


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