The Other elephant in the room
The Other elephant in the room

The Other elephant in the room

Have you ever considered the value of music within your Life? A novel? Piece of poetry? During the Early days of the coronavirus spreading globally – you saw everyone share compassionate Meme’s towards our medical healthcare, and essential workers ; caught in the forefront of this Pandemic. Saying Thank you, on behalf of all of us.

I couldn’t help but wonder, why not share some love and spotlights towards our artists, musicians, journalists, and authors who keep our minds afloat while being couped up at home.

How often I find myself taken away by the melody of tune, just being within that moment. Or another where I caught myself back in time, reliving a moment…

I hoped to have started this particular series earlier in April 2020 already; but alas, I had my own demons to address at the time. A lot still happened though > click to read more< Lyrics have their own separate power, emulated by the underlying tune… Once the combination of the two is understood – magick happens ♩ ♪

Our favourite artists and masters went Live on their own respective channels to raise funds, particular mental health awarenesses, share a bit of day-to-day insight to their tune-making, and more. It’s been an absolute interesting discovery to notice and see how they had to quickly adapt and utilise online platforms to the best of their capabilities to keep their audiences entertained. Keep in mind – Live shows had to be cancelled and post-poned…

For me, as mentioned before – if covid-19 didn’t happen; I may not have been privileged to see Justin from Blue October at a Live Session. ♩ ♪True master of musician and lyrical art ♫ ♬ Such extreme fun singing aloud to the lyrics.( #stillgotit!)

If covid-19; some songs would not have existed which really have resonated with my soul deeply. With a sense of honesty, should your hand not be good at art, and your mind not necessarily great at expressing with words – it’s the tune, that allows emotional storytelling to take place.

What a beautiful medium discovered and enjoyed by Humans. Saving Lives, through deeper understanding.

Mental Health is something serious to consider. It exists, from any age. And I’d like to talk more proactively about this within May. The type of references aren’t reflecting the best from the worst artist in any way. It’s respectively in all rights : I love the lyrics, the particular musical versions and then appreciate them all as art with meaning and added value. Other creatives may have more meaning for you than the ones I’ll list, all a matter of relativity. Please share your favourites in the Comments below or on our instagram (@interpriority) – or Facebook!

Hope you’ll enjoy this series. #staywithme #mentalhealth #interpriority #senseofrelease The Other elephant in the room; everyone avoids eye contact with.


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