Easier said than done, to be on your tippy-toes
Easier said than done, to be on your tippy-toes

Easier said than done, to be on your tippy-toes

From being forced to deal with extra time on our hands and managing personal resources effectively, to having no choice but to restructure one’s mental state adapting to doing life and business differently. We ease back into the workplace barely at the lead of the game, while we continuously balance on your tippy-toes.

It’s annoying how within the month of June, I had relied on old habits to carry me through each day since half way through. I did keep up – at the start. But my stamina could not. Especially with the early morning yard visits to Idol, and be in time well prepared for the day ahead by 9AM… And being exhausted by 4pm, having yet still so much work related goodies to get to… The moment we realised it’s weekend, I’m at such a slump not in the mood for anything. Yeah, it’s been an odd month so far. I don’t like it.

I’m still at a loss. With momentum kicking it up a notch – I literally have to schedule everything into an automated calendar (to keep me on track.) Without it, things have fallen through the cracks – be it an order we could quickly fix, or my self-care.

My Time-management and people-skills are improved by the day as it has been required to help get to the expected tasks of selling, planning, prospecting, break time, fun time, learning time, presentation mock-ups, site visits, sample drop-offs. Which leaves me with zero creative capacity when evening hits, and then it’s bed time. Repeat. Then repeat all again… Repetition, being the mother of all good/ bad skill – and all that.

Perhaps, this is good?
I’m learning to manage expectations accordingly as and when relevant, be it within my professional or personal capacity. I’m beginning to comprehend how much time each variant of activity requires towards completion – keeping up with my own set standards and newly desired balanced living. I’ve been valuing Me-time more by doing a thorough shut down in the evenings by 9pm. No more work. No more phone.

It’s only been close to two weeks, and already it’s scary how filled one’s calendar can be once you manage expectations accordingly spread across the available minutes and hours of a day you have across the week.

All of this, because I would like my time back please. I’d like to stop messing myself up, in order to keep up with the rat race. Enough is enough. which is easier said than done.

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