There is no excuse
There is no excuse

There is no excuse

Time just flew by. It stopped for no one. Things needed to get done, some taking more priority than others. All in a matter of Time. 2020, you’re giving us a run for our Money. I mean… It’s September! And every one’s busy doing the best they can, with what they’ve got. No matter the immediate consequences.

Every day we get to use and abuse tools to our advantage to be more effective at the tasks at hand. Be it being more comfortable in bed and lazy with the fluffy comforter, or be it your mobile phone able to keep track and remind you of things need doing as you pace yourself throughout each day.

It could be a matter of perspective whether this tool controls you and the way you prioritize your life accordingly. Or ,whether you’ve found the tool’s effectiveness useful and utilize its functions within an un intrusive manner to have your day run better at flow. Not forgetting anything, and nothing falls through the cracks. Everything gets taken cared off.

The twist I’m stuck with, is wondering where’s the moment available for Me? Just, me. That moment of reflection, of just being without purpose – without a goal that needs doing. Perhaps, a moment where I get to do what I love, because I love doing it — and not because it needs doing, because time is ticking and it’s been weeks, and it’s your personal responsibility to get to it… Keeping the constant reminder that bills need be paid, foods are required for sustained energy (but be careful of which ones cause some more than others make your body freak), sleep is mandatory to not be a grumpy soul, and work needs doing with a smile on your face and heart to get money in the bank.
Then, it’s repeat all that, over and over again tomorrow. The next day.
It’s a matter of perspective.

We are funny creatures – extremely complex. With these systems humanity wormed itself into, I find myself tormented with my own mind. Thoughts twirling with possibilities, then doom-and-gloom, then some fresh optimism smacked down by hard reality and proper analysis for hard work input expectations; only to result in the usually undesired prize of ‘not achieving’. eg. A horse can only be lead to a spring… You can’t force it to drink.

So, let’s draw the line.

That’s my advice to us. Set up a goal, something you have to do either THAT day, or THAT week – no.matter.what. You get to doing it. Don’t feel guilty making some of your 24h a day, Yours. And make notes again on your journey as you get to do the things that matter to you again. It shouldn’t be so lonely then. And taking 5 minutes of quiet before you start, could be great getting yourself in the right mindset as you want to proceed.

Draw that line, and be You with your time.


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