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In November ’20, I received the opportunity to audit the Scholars program for a month as a Mastery Student 2020. This entailed being involved with all online classes and discussions, including massive amount of dedication, optimism and momentum. Which together, excelled the Groups’ progress each week to each month.

Within the enthused community, and the overabundant amount of stories being shared about insights, progress discoveries and eye opening questions; I found my self exhausted towards the end of all weekly online sessions, while hoping to keep track of what I’ve achieved since October, and more with work…

What a failed expectation.

From my wonderful progress with Idol in October, I found myself ripped away from the time with him vs. time spent with these classes vs. the demand from work as we headed into silly season with work ( festive holiday’s around the corner) and other…personal matters.

No matter how resourceful, or good I thought my current attempt had been at the time – it hadn’t occurred to me that what ever I’m dealing with internally, had indeed been seeping through into my performances of work and personal life.

New habituation kicked in, which kept me unbalanced – yet slightly railed throughout November. Barely kept up with auto pilot to stay a float at times. This control I’m after to have sufficient time for everything I want to do and be associated with, and together sprinkled with optimal quality throughout each effort attempt no matter the time of day or what I do or have influence in… The power get’s cut, the geyser turns too cold. On the spot planning to once again go to different extends to be connected with society for communications. (Remember, I live on the plots.)

The day rains away, or the sun sets too fast compared to the workload on the table – and Idol’s left there in the field… How does one do this?


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