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Ever felt like being part of something bigger?

We’ve interacted with other writers, and hidden creatives forming part of our Audience: listening to how they’ve enjoyed their time spent on our platforms, reading through the content and seeing the behind the scenes stories.

Building upon an exciting extension, we’d like to open our posts to collaboration and Guest Posting. Hoping You’d appreciate and enjoy this platform and level of honest release to a more intimate degree.

Should you be interested :

  • Make sure to have spend some time on the platforms already. Building an understanding on spontaneity and value. [see content below]
  • Topic can be with what ever resonates closest to you, using existing categories as guidelines. Be it something factual, a poem, short story, or only questions. It’s your release.
  • Posts shares may include space on our website, instagram and Facebook. Depending on its professional nature – LinkedIn may be considered.

Non Monetized opening. We’re doing this for creative and self mastery gain. It’s going to take your time to create the content you want to share here. Should You be the one wanting to advertise here, we don’t usually do affiliated ad links.

Should you be interested, but have no clue how or where to start?

Feel comfortable to pop by, and Say hello. It all starts with a chit-chat somewhere.

For now, have a good conversation with Our content which can be viewed here :


the PURPOSE of a library is defined :

(1)to provide a flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the school
(2)to have a vibrant role in the development of a culture that promotes wider reading, motivated readers and learners for life.

An alphabetical arrangement of words have been carefully curated – in relation to the topics discussed within this platform.
Use it for better understanding and further research, as you seem fit.
Example: should you come across a few terms not easily understood within your further research – use the below list to assist with your own insight.

Resource Spreadsheet with allowed commentary :

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